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Exploration of UK One year Experience


In our daily life we met with people having different nature and opinions but the worst thing I have examined in UK 2022-23 is Asian people are worse and they are unable to help any Asian. The most important thing is that they are just barking and they just demoralized people by showing attitude and show irresponsible behavior by discouraging them. Even they are failure and they want no one can build up their future as well. This conversion is based on the behalf of one Pakistani young boy who told me to publicize his words and he wants to spread message to all young boys and girls who came in UK to build up their future. This article highlights the UK one year Experience of Pakistan young and talented boy.

Brief History of his Life

I don’t want to mention my name but I am feeling sad when I am expressing my words and spread my message to all over the world. In 2022 when I came from my homeland country Pakistan to complete my higher studies and my aim was to fulfil my family and my own dreams so I will be able to consider as best person in my whole family. When I started my journey the first issue I was facing when I followed up one of my family member words. First, he told me that you came late and you are unable to do any thing and you will not clear your modules. If you need visa then why you came in London as London is not for you guys. I did not say anything and I told him yes you are right and moved on. Once I worked hard and I made him wrong and I passed my all modules and he told me wow you did it you are very hardworking again he told me brother if you need British passport then why you came here why are you wasting your money. The thing is that what will you do after the completion of your studies. At that time, I told him dear brother I will achieve my all goals and I moved on. The best thing is that I have 6 years’ experience in online field like SEO expert, content marketing and WordPress developer. He just tries to learn all the things from me I told him that I spent more than 6 years in this field and I faced a lot of hurdles in this journey now I am able to do whatever I want to build up my future. But he thought my work is very easy. In Year 2023 I faced certain loss in my business and I got upset but I did not loose hope and I promised with my self at that time I will do my best and start my own work and I will proof a person who will work with keen interest having patience in his personality and one most interesting point do work with honesty also able to fulfill his words then no one in this world is able to destroy him. The biggest mistake what I did in my one-year experience is I depend one of my family members and I considered himself as a brother. I planned to start a business with him when he asked everything about my work, he tried to make lame excuses first he told me my younger brother will do all worker you just focus on your next visa a lot of time is pending to do this work. I bear that thing just because of my father relationship with him but that guy did not say anything again and again he tries to make lame excuses. I know everything from the very first day and I bear again and again. When I told him that I will ask one of my father friends he is also advocate in Manchester. At this time, he showed me anger and he clearly told me I can’t invest money and I have no time to do this. I felt ashamed and realized that is one of my mistakes that I believed on him and I told everything about my work and explained all stuff in front of him. On that day I said one thing Allah will do justice one day and I believe that I will fulfil my all goals and dreams by myself and move on.

My opinion to all students

It is my request to all of you guys who came from different countries never ever believe on any one except Allah Almighty because they are just time spoiler and no one will stay with you when you will face difficulties and money is not everything, I am saying one thing a person always known by his behavior and words. A person who is not able to fulfill his words in front of me that person will never stay happy in his life and at the end that person will stay alone so just focus on your goals and fulfill your dreams don’t lose hope because you can do that is why you came here.

Thanks a lot, I hope my message will safe many people from stress who came with lots of hopes and left their countries to build up their careers and life.

Ali Bajwa
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