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In whole life journey people spend and move on the behalf of their words. It relates to all things. This story is related to one of the most bright student and businessman who wants to make his name with honestly and his aim to finish the bad system in the society. Ali Bajwa started his business career after finishing his Fsc. During his university career he decided to do something different in a right way. So, he started online marketing in 2016. In early stage, the competition level is less and he got great response from the customers from all over the globe. But according to him, he said when he was getting fame time to time then the people who was working with him made plans to spoil his work. Ali bajwa stated, that I knew all the things from the very first day but i just wanted to see what their team mates will do to spoil his work. In Year 2018, he took action against all the fake workers who made fake accounts on social media playforms and scams with people. He submitted complain against them and their fake work closed.

At that time, he decided to do work alone either the whole market will stand against him. In Year 2019, he taught work to his cousin. But Ali has no idea that one day that cousin will join the wrong or bad path and will make plans against him.

Well in year 2019, he met with one the site owner and he decided to do contract with him and make his name in the digital marketing. In Year 2019 Ali bajwa completed more than 30k tasks in just a single year and considered a successful author on ipsnews and all press release network.

Ali said, everytime and everywhere he met with wrong or unprofessional people who just with me for their own mean and at the end of the year 2020 that company owner ditch him because he thought he got all the things from me and he is the best. In 2020, when company owner ditch him ali bajwa took action against the owner and with in 7 days that company lost their contract and they faced huge loss.

Ali said that everytime i always think i don’t change my path because i am doing work in a right direction. I don’t care what people are talking behind me but I want to fullfil my dreams and in order to keep going my journey I have only one thing in my mind to take action against all those people who are doing scams with those person who are not able to take action against them due to no connections with the authorities.


Well, in Year 2021 when he finished work with, icrowdnewswire which are not a good companies. Because the first thing they are living in Pakistan Islamabaad and they made fake accounts on social media and trap people and scam with them. I have a lot of evidence against them.

Due to my words I am being a successful businessman in this platform. After finishing my graduation in physics from Quaid e Azam university in 2021. I decided to continue my furthur education from London because i want to do something big and different to build up my name in a right direction.

In 2022, I moved in London and started my Masters in applied data science, and opened my company Digital World PVT Limited. My main aim of this company to work on different sites and spread different ideas and motives with all my customers around the globe.

In 2022, I contracted with Angela. She is the owner of https://techbullion. And due to my committment, my words with admin, customers, my team mates, I was one of the top ranked author on the techbullion in year 2022. This step made my name in the digital platform. But the worse thing i examined that one of my cousin to whom i taught him everything about this work. He made fake accounts and submitted fake complains against me. I convinced alot to owner but she did not agree and trust on fake emails.

But I learned a lot of things, and I did not change my path and started my own sites. But the best thing I did at that time is i took action against them and they faced loss at the end. I believe that if you are always fullfil your words and you are able to take stand against the wrong people then no one is able to destroy you.

I am always saying one thing to all my clients, my students and my all family members, a person is always known by his or her words. If people are not able to fullfil their words. Then, i believe that they are worse and they are not able to get their achievements in their life.

Those people who think they can ditch other people and break up their words then one day he loss all the things.

In my whole 9 years experience, I commit one thing right now i am successfull just because of my words and those who are in bad condition just because they break up their words and did wrong things.

Words in human life can make you, break you. They can torn you in a peaces. That’s why always do right things and must fullfil your words.

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