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A Self-Discovery book by Wonder-ologist Lori Ann Berggren’s

ok“Every Day I Wonder What I Will Wonder Next,” A Self-Discovery book by Wonder-ologist Lori Ann Berggren’s. Lori, through her experiences and curiosities, has discovered the everyday wonders in her life. Her book “Every Day I Wonder What I Will Wonder Next” is a refreshing perspective for readers facing setbacks and challenges in everyday life. You may feel distressed when facing a problem in your life, and you may have the solution, too, but you aren’t confident about that. No worries – Lori’s got you covered!

56 Wonders to Your Journey of Self-Discovery and your everyday curiosities, this book invites you to unleash your creativity, chart new paths, and embrace the extraordinary in the ordinary. Lori aims to help her readers admire themselves in every adversity by adopting how life is. As you delve into each chapter of the book, Lori has given you personal space to write your wonder after every chapter. Unlock your potential by discovering new directions – find the skills that may have been forgotten within you.

Life can often be a complex puzzle, filled with turns and twists with unexpected obstacles. Are you going through the aftermath of the break-up? Are your close ones sick, and you feel helpless? Are you still haunted by your childhood fears? This book is your pass to embark on a personal development journey.

With the fusion of personal experiences and a rollercoaster of emotions, Lori emerges stronger on the other side while confronting her challenges. She has penned down a thriller to give readers a new perspective on life’s complexities and the means to overcome them. She encourages the readers to recognize where to draw the line between perfectionism and destruction in their lives, as it can result in numerous failures. All those who have been lost in life at any age and are looking for direction. “Every Day I Wonder What I Will Wonder Next” is your guide!

When the pandemic was out of control, and things Lori always wanted to fulfill and accomplish left her wandering with thoughts, she figured that life was running her instead of her living the life. Lori, the Master of the Art of Wondering, with her experiences, encourages her readers to GO OUT and LIVE LIFE every day and never take things for granted. The book “Every Day I Wonder What I Will Wonder Next” helps you put on a new pair of glasses; for instance, You passed by a tree for 30 years and never noticed how beautiful the tree is and how the birds have built their nests.

With years of wandering around and a passion for personal growth, Lori is committed to inspiring and empowering readers to look at life in a positive rather negative way; that’s how you’ll find the inspiration in the everyday. Indeed, there is always time to embrace the wonders of life.

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