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Understanding the concept of capital marketing


Capital markets is actually based on the relation of sellers and buyers in trading and stock marketing. It is a platform where sellers and buyers can invest or trade in cryptocurrency, bonds market, stock market and other financial terms. Interesting point is many stock exchange companies shares trading from different companies’ investors. Capital marketing further characterized into three main types like stock market, bond market and currency markets. For better understanding the concept we further investigate the role of three types how these works and what is the impact in trading platform. This interesting topic highlight the concept of capital marketing and how it is useful for trading places to grow up business.

History of Capital marketing:

According to the Research we analyzed the movements and evaluation in price bonds issued by five European Government and after this they traded on the Swiss board in between the 1928 and 1948 during the war. They highlighted war effects on price bonds in that era of time. In other aspects and historical point of view historians attach with price bond sharing having no affects in between 1945.

After this Era the point is how international capital marketing system raised the problems and their solution on the basis of price bonds in market and what are their opinions on the behalf of this. In order to highlight the Global marketing, they indicate the way to increase the net benefit in Economical point of view either harm the other impacts and activities in trading market. After this Era in year 2005, they indicate that standardization and harmonization of accounting is the key element of Global business having great work in stock market.

Purpose of Stock Market

The Stock market is basically a way for the companies to invest and raise funds in bonds and shares their stocks so investors can participate in the financial achievement of companies to grow up their work and money by using trading and sharing stocks.

Purpose of Bond market

On this platform the price is fix for all and considered as debt or fixed income market or credit market. Governments is responsible to issue bonds and pay for this to manage the system.

Purpose of currency markets

Currency market is responsible for money exchange with foreign countries on the behalf of International and currently country currency conversion rate. Their main role is to covert other country currency on the behalf of their own country currency and responsible for the financial records happening in that time. Pakistan stock exchange market is running up day by day. According to the survey of last month Pakistani currency considered as a powerful currency in the Globe due to a sudden improvement in exchange market and due to this everything is totally changed in Pakistan.

Future of Capital Market

Artificial Intelligence, blockchain and cryptocurrency will change the way of stock market to enhance more opportunities for investors. Due to this digital system AI enhance stock exchange system so investors can invest anywhere without any fear.


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