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Things happening in SEO in Pakistan Right now

Pakistan is one of the most loving countries around the world. But the thing is that why this country worth down now a days in every platform. I would like to talk about the SEO in Pakistan. How this work builds up and how few people face loss due to unconditional fraud services. SEO is one of the leading platforms around the world. Many companies are doing SEO to build up their brands. But the only thing happening in Pakistan the increase rate in scam and no one is able to take action against fraud users due to poor management and rules. Due to this many pure and real people face huge loss due to their worse scenario.

Working history of Pakistan People in SEO

According to the research, the crime rate in SEO online marketing is increasing day by day due to poor management and fake companies made by Pakistan in foreign countries like USA, UK Dubai and other countries. In SEO, more than 50 percent scammers are working in Facebook, WhatsApp, email and other platforms. People made fake ids and start find out different people who are new in this work. Once their work is complete, they ran away and blocked that user. This help them to do these activities again and again and it cause huge loss for those workers who are doing work honestly. Meanwhile, in Year 2023 the scam rate increases up to 80 percent and mostly top ranked countries deny to work with Pakistani users due to their poor behavior and poor management.

How Pakistani workers scam in SEO?

  • First, they made fake ids or using foreign name account then they try to find out those persons who are doing work without advance and they believe them without any fear.
  • Second thing is that many people in Pakistan make lame excuses and they said they are Muslims they will never do any scam. But unfortunately, these fake users never understand the concept of Islam and just born for doing scams. It is shameful moment for Pakistan that they are not taking action against all fraud users who made fake ids and doing scams on daily basis.
  • Many companies like IQ Newswire, IQ Software House LTD UK, IQ Developers LTD UK, all of their workers opened fake companies in USA and UK and they are doing scams on daily basis. Qasim who is a member of IQ newswire opened fake company in UK and they sent fake complains to site owners of different sites against top ranked real users because this user has no work and have poor experience in market.

How to stop these things?

Government of Pakistan must take action against those users and arrest them to stop and overcome this scam rate. This help for the real users to grow up in market and work honestly. Meanwhile, People who are facing these issues must take action against those users so they will never ever do anything wrong against anyone else.

Final and last thing is that in order to make platform safe and secure everyone must able to do work honestly. Many people who are not able to do any thing else. They must go and ask help from Police or other departments. Once Government will take action against them then platform will clean and market will grow around the world.

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