Ecommerce is one of the most spreading fields in this Era. Due to their top running brands like Amazon, eBay, we can buy, sell many things from these giants. Many people from all over the world are getting huge benefits and profits on daily basis. Sentiment analysis in machine learning is the basic way to visualize the customer reviews. Reviews are of two types. Positive and negative which consider as positive and negative sentiment. The main purpose of my discussion is how AI detect Ecommerce platform Reviews. Millions of people are buying and selling things like phones, cosmetics, fashion products, playing kits, and many other items and then they have options to give their opinions and comments according to product quality.


Online platforms are significantly playing a very important role in our life. However, in business strategy companies are already working with giants Ecommerce platforms in order to promote their work throughout the globe. They are publishing and bid their products on Amazon, eBay and other running platforms so customers can easily shop any desirable products from these Ecommerce platforms. The one of the engaging things with customers is that these platforms have given options to consumers to submit their views after each bought item or products. This will helpful for new customers when they will look up to buy anything they will easily attract and shop items or products by using these giants and submit their reviews in the form of sentiment like positive or negative reviews. Due to Consumers and Sellers the rate of buying and selling is increasing and customers are preferring online platforms on their first priority. Meanwhile, companies are also looking for Ecommerce platforms so they will do add posting and they will do complete digital marketing work safely and they will get huge number of customers. The major platforms are:


eBay is a giant platform of Ecommerce which are using by people over the world. This platform is providing services to sellers, buyers, market person, freelancers and other roles so sellers can run their business safely and they can maintain good business with the help of this platform. The main role is sellers promote or publish their products on eBay stores and bid reasonable price, by mentioning all qualities and drawbacks of products so once customers see their product, they are able to read all guidelines before buying item or products. After the completion of order customer have rights to submit reviews if product is according to guidelines, then they can able to submit positive reviews else they have rights to submit complain or give low ratings under that product. Hence, the basic products include groceries materials, shopping products, phones accessories, almost every type of items or products are available on eBay platform. Moreover, eBay is also playing a very important role in B2B marketing as well. Many freelancers or site owners are able to sell or purchase sites by using this platform in a very reasonable cost. Few Company owners who are starting their business and they would like to hire new workers. They are also publishing a post or submit add on eBay regarding to hiring of persons in a company. However, by doing this many people who are looking for a job they can easily get job by using this platform. The main thing is to follow up the guidelines which was published by the CEO of that company. If a worker will not satisfy and that person think the job is not according to the given add. Meanwhile, in that stage, worker can easily submit complain against that company and submit bad reviews in order to maintain this platform secure. Moreover, customers can shop fashion products, garments product as well through eBay. For bulk purchasing or more than 2 or three products sellers are giving discount as well that’s the way to engage more customers with their brands. It is a very convenient way to choose a product and add in shop box after a successful dealing. Customers can check product or item if product is according to their requirement, then they have opportunity to give reviews or submit comments under that product. Reviews are helpful for new customers. Let suppose if a new person who do not have any idea how to shop through eBay or that customer is facing issues like either product or item will be according to their demand or not. They can check comments and reviews under that product and if they think price is high so at this stage, they are able to bid price according to their budget. If seller believe that the bid price from buyer is suitable for them, then they finalize the deal and deliver product or item according to details provided by the buyer. Another great offer provided by eBay for new sellers to check top trending product on eBay list and then they can able to select and add that item on eBay store. Due to this step, seller is able to get huge benefits by selling top trending product according to customer budget. Moreover, Sellers can check the demanding item, that item google search rate, selling product rates, customer buying rate, competitor’s rates, and then after the visualization of each thing they have rights to sell product in competitive rates so seller can able to earn a lot of money by each dealing. Payment options listed by eBay includes PayPal, Visa Card, Debit Card, American Express. Customers have different options pro, pro plus, enterprise options to select particular packages for superb discount. eBay platform is also beneficial for content marketing services as well. Sellers who are providing content writing services. They can publish their portfolio or add on eBay with price, content guidelines, different categories price, general articles price on the basis of content length also set discount on bulk orders. Content writers are taking huge benefits by publishing or promoting their work on these platforms. Moreover, we all can get any type of business by using this tremendous platform. People can create account on eBay in just 10 to 20 minutes and the tax apply on each product is 10 to 15 percent to fulfil the tax policy.


Amazon is another most developing Ecommerce platform used to sell electronic gadgets, and many other products in a very reasonable price. Sellers basically do their best to sell these products in high cost so they can earn too much profit from each product. Moreover, Amazon have played a very important role in Streaming industry. People from all over the world who are in film industries or working in online platforms to promote or publicize their streaming products are preferring this amazing platform. Many users are trying to watch movies, sports serials in High video quality source. Amazon is the best way to promote such kind of products. Users can easily create account on Amazon or buy account in a very reasonable amount with the help of sellers. If coupon code option was published by seller already then buyers can able to get discount as well by entering the coupon code in that section. However, those workers who are publishing their products on different online sites and they are adding their amazon product link in that article by mentioning keyword in that article. This step is helpful for viewers they can just click on that link and watch movies from anywhere. Due to the increasing in the number of views sellers earn money in less period of time. In digital marketing platform, their main aim is just to put link on movie keyword and they set options for viewers to watch movies in HD format with the help of their product links. That’s the great step has done by Amazon. Many people are attracting with their platform due to this step. Furthermore, Sellers who have sports or Tv shows product they are also publish their products on Amazon and set options for viewers. Meanwhile, Viewers who are facing problems to watch sports on other channels they are able to watch sports on Amazon. Bloggers are also earning money through this platform by publishing their adds on Amazon. Bloggers can set click option on each click sellers are getting money on their payment wallet. Product shipping reviews is also most trending work on Amazon. Companies are publishing or promote their product directly on Amazon in order to engage clients directly. Affiliate marketing is also related with this. Many companies find out third party workers (Resellers) who will use their product they sell these products in low cost to them and inform them to sell these products according to their desire able price so they can earn as well. But in Affiliate marketing resellers must tell to clients everything about the product in case of any fake dealings their account will be banned. Resellers bid product price in three categories on Amazon pro, pro plus, premium package. For single product purchase price is high. If a buyer wants to do premium deal in that case buyer get discount and if he thinks product dealing is not fair buyer is able to submit complain against that product user. For product packaging services Amazon team go through each product before shipping and mention all details. Millions of products shipped through Amazon every year. To visualize each product delivery date, item cost or sells in safe way. ML Algorithm use to make the record of each product with the help of wrap boxes in which products pack for ship. Another growing product on Amazon is shopping product. Due to good discount available on Amazon by sellers and best dealing with client’s people engaging with this platform and save their time as well. If sellers give them more discount on bulk purchasing, then more customers will come and shop with them. Amazon also sets best rules or give facilities to freelancers to sell their sites by using their platforms. Freelancer make a portfolio regarding to guest posting, content marketing, add posting, SEO on page and SEO off page packages. Freelancer promote work by visualize site spam score, domain age, domain rate, domain authority, page authority, traffic on site, monthly site visitors, backlink services, links do follow or no follow and think how this site is beneficial in market? What is the overall growth of this site market? How many customers need that category site? By visualize all things, freelancers are able to promote their work on Amazon. Buyer or blogger check all site guidelines if buyer wants only guest posting then they choose guest post package. If buyer is willing to buy a site, then buyer must read all guidelines and choose site buy package. With the help of these options’ buyer is able to buy package without any confusion. Businessman who are doing Cloud software business getting huge benefits by using this platform. CEO looks for APN member to increase the sale of cloud business. Moreover, due to the rating options, it is a key factor for customer rate. Good ratings build strong reputation in online platforms. More customers will come due to good reviews and ratings submitted by different buyers. Amazon also provide great outcome to mobile shops to sell their phone by using this platform in fair cost and expand network in all over the world. The data set is basically about mobile phone reviews on amazon visualize by using machine learning. The reviews and ratings are target variable and mobile phone model is the predictor variable. Which mobile company sell rating is high and what types of reviews submitted by buyers on the basis of mobile phone panels, software, Ram, Rom, battery timing and other features. Reviews are in the form of Sentiments like positive or negative Reviews. Sentiment Analysis in machine learning is a technique used to visualize any type product reviews, feelings, emotions and all other people activities and detect output in the form of sentiment like positive or negative sentiments. Sellers also refurnished few products on Amazon and give it to customers in best rate by offering them good discount as well. Due to this way customers are able to buy good things in best cost and seller get huge benefit due to this step. Millions of people in the world are preferring to buy technology products through Amazon due to its flexibility and great dealings with customers and sellers. Cell phone reviews on Amazon is most tremendous work done by Amazon platform. People can order phones easily from anywhere with full safety and in best cost. I would like to apply NLP context analysis on my dataset and will analyze customer reviews and ratings. NLP (Natural Language Processing) is basically used to visualize the large number of datasets. The main aim of NLP is to detect the sentiments of different peoples in the form of reviews and analyze the reviews and generate results. It detects either the review submitted by customer is positive or negative. It also classifies the basic comment submitted by different customers and also visualize rating of each review. Moreover, NLP is actually understanding the basic idea of each sentiment like what some one feels and how they submitted comments. The basic benefit of NLP analysis in machine learning is to give more accurate results when large number of datasets is feed. In Artificial intelligence, different models of machine learning classify the result on the basis of their accuracy. Sentiment analysis consider fabulous NLP tasks. For large information NLP gives accurate results.

History of Ecommerce:

In the 19th century when there was no online shops system developed and came into existence. In that time, Ecommerce platforms like Amazon, eBay were launched and their owner thought to sell particular item by using these platforms and they imagined that these will give huge benefits to them. Customers are looking for reviews to give their opinion according to their product so the trust will develop between customers and sellers. Actually, deep learning is a new way in machine learning in order to better understand the scenario behind this process. They considered particular reviews options in their platforms. Reviews are of two types structured reviews positive reviews or negative reviews . Sentiment analysis in machine learning basically predict or analyze sentiments on the basis of positive reviews, Negative reviews or analyze ratings given by customers. Due to this great step of reviews customers can easily shift on that platform and will shop the things according to their desire.

The main thing is that how these platforms came into existence? Who launched these platforms? What was their aim?

How these platforms are playing role in our society right now? What is the scope of these platforms in future? Before 1994 time when there was no existence of these platforms people went to shops for bought items or product according to their desire. After this era of time many researchers were looking to do something new which will be better for future. In that time Omidyar was the person who thought to start or shift platform online and predicted to do new things those will give huge benefits to him or society in future. So, in 1995 Omidyar discovered eBay and considered as first online Ecommerce platform. He thought to sell items on eBay platform. So, he decided to sell printer his first item which he sold to customers by using platform. When customers bought item in high cost then he believed in that time their experiment was successful and it will give huge benefit in future. Moreover, due to the daily purchasing or selling of items on eBay this platform gave extraordinary benefits in just first year and eBay became successful platform in that time. Due to the increased in the number of sales and purchase Omidyar would like to promote this platform in business platform and he hired first accountant Manager whose name was Chris Agar. His main work was to checked the overall the transaction details and calculated the number of payments received and paid. A successful startup of eBay president of this platform thought about to spread this network and add more options to get huge earning so Jeffry Skoll was considered eBay as an Ecommerce platform. Benchmark after 1995 year decided to invest in eBay platform to make this platform secure. eBay also offered options for traders to sell their stocks in best cost so they will get huge profit. eBay generates revenue and sell stocks 57 to 58 dollars per share that was one of the finest achievements by eBay in a very short time. Due to this step many company owners reached Omidyar and agreed to promote their work on eBay. Companies listed up their products on eBay and every customer would like to buy stocks in secure way. The main thing is that eBay did not give option for those products or items which were illegal and unethical in countries that’s why only real workers shifted their work on eBay.  Later on, eBay owner thought about to add payment mode app which is legally allow in all over the world so customers or sellers can buy or sell items in safe way. He has planned to bought online payment method app that will give huge benefits to all workers. In 2008, he bought PayPal an online payment method to run their business in safe way and eBay generates huge revenue through PayPal app. After this great step eBay owner thought to added Skype and other online platforms in eBay to spread this platform. Skype generates more than 9.23 billion dollars and become one off the leading platform. Perhaps in that stage eBay owner did his best work and collaboration with other product owners as well and give them great opportunities to sell their products. eBay generates more than 10 billion dollars at the end of 2018. Stock market exchange was also one of the finest achievements by eBay platform and his owner thought stock market exchanger can easily sell or buy stocks by using eBay due to this a lot of huge investors companies collaborated with eBay owner and eBay generated more revenue. Let me explain the working of eBay. eBay provide options for sellers and buyers to start their work according to their product niche. The first step is to sign up by using eBay official link and then choose business according to their product link. The next step is to choose the package and then get discount on the basis of package which customers selected. eBay gives opportunities for consumers or sellers to list up their product according to their price on bulk orders like if consumers are looking for shop on bulk in that case customers can easily get huge discount and seller also able to earn fair money. Moreover, eBay also provide options of reviews and ratings in order to check the customers outcome either customers are satisfied with seller work or not or delivery is shipped properly or not. This platform is now one of the leading Ecommerce platforms right now and it will give great results in future as well. eBay also provides excellent service if seller is not available buyers have opportunities to select package and buy item or product in a very simple way. The main advantage of low price is that more customers will be attracted on this platform and they can easily give huge revenue to this platform. Other step gain by eBay is that on this platform sellers are able to get much profit as they want to set product price according to their desire in this case if a consumer will able to buy then they will else they can cancel it. But in same time seller also bid customers if they will buy in bulk then sellers will give them good discount. In future drop shipping will give huge benefit to eBay and the net worth will also increase. Another most emerging platform of Ecommerce is Amazon. Amazon is top trend Ecommerce platform is playing a very important role in our society. Amazon was discovered by Jeff Bezos in 1994. He started work by selling books on Amazon. In the very first year Jeff earned a lot of money through online book selling. Later on, when Amazon became the leading platform Jeff thought to add up gadgets, electronics, streaming, movies, blogging, advertisement on this amazing platform. At beginning level Amazon owner thought to shipped few items in free or under coupon code so most customers will engage on their platform. Moreover, due to the huge Revenue generated by Amazon platform Owner would like to add up streaming, Disney plus services on their platform. He provided web site owners whose had streaming product contracted with them and tell them to sell their product by using platform. In 2006 to onwards Amazon generated Revenue and considered as one of the top ranked earning platforms. After this era Amazon also added video editing persons digital marketing experts’ services on their platform so customers can easily bid with them and they can get best services easily. In 2008 Amazon owner also added cloud marketing and cloud computing services on their platforms. Consumers whom have interest in these platforms they can get best services related to cloud computing by using Amazon. Amazon also earned huge profit after this excellent step. Later on, Amazon also offered market owners whom have work related to cosmetics, jewelers, shopping centers. They can add their product or item on Amazon and bid with their customers. Consumers who don’t have enough time to go on shops. They can shop anything according to their desire. After this achievement Amazon also played an extraordinary in television market or sports streaming market. Mostly business man who have television and sports niche site. Bloggers can promote their site on Amazon. They can earn by putting their link with keyword on Amazon. When consumers will visit with the help of link. They will get payment on each view. So due to this great step have taken by Amazon. Bloggers or Affiliate marketer can earn huge amount in a very short period of time. In 2016 Amazon also gave opportunities to grocery shop owners to sell their items online. Seller sold their food items online through Amazon and consumers able to get anything online in a very short period of time. Due to their great achievements Amazon generates huge Revenue every year and in the coming decade Amazon giant platform will add more flexible services which will increase their platform worth twice. Amazon also played an excellent role in mobile sale and purchase market. Sellers have rights to work on old mobile and make phone condition better and then sell in high cost. Mobile phone industries also generated huge revenue from this online Ecommerce platform. Cloud marketing and computing also drop shipping are the finest way to increase Amazon platform worth. It is a very simple way to make account on Amazon. First signup Amazon by using their official site and then fill up the guidelines and attach debit card or any other bank card according to their guidelines. Artificial Intelligence analysts predict that the worth of Revenue will generate by Amazon in stock exchange market will more than or round about 5300 billion dollars in coming years. The selling cost of each coin base will almost 600 to 800 dollar per share. Whereas, in case of stock exchange the predicted cost of each share will 480 to 550 dollars. Moreover, Jeff thinks that the worth of Indian exchange market will reach about 10 billion dollars in coming years. Different algorithms of machine learning have been used to detect the number of reviews and ratings. Data analytics used different algorithms on particular data set and check which algorithm are best fitted on data set. They predicted on the basis of their accuracy. If a model has high accuracy, it means it is more fitted on particular dataset and reviews detected in the form of sentiment in data science named as sentiment analysis. Here I would like to discuss about NLP analysis. NLP analysis used to analyze large amount of data set. When organizations have large amount of data set in the form of reviews, people feelings, their words pronunciation. At that time Data analyst thought about to applied particular algorithm to visualized large amount of data in better way. NLP is applied on large data sets to visualize and generates results in better way. This is fully fitted for huge number of data sets it means the data set in large amount will give more accurate results. Supervised and unsupervised learning algorithm also applied on those reviews data set but the accuracy of this algorithm is more as compared to supervised and unsupervised algorithm. Sentiment analysis also based on those tongue-based words data sets like reviews on different platforms submitted by consumers. Natural language processing is a difficult task and detection of data using natural language is a difficult task for computer. Amazon giant platforms reviews detected by analyst by using Decision tree, Support vector machine algorithm and other algorithm as well but the main thing which analyst observed that when number of customer reviews and ratings are in large amount in that case, they preferred NLP natural language process algorithm for better and accurate results. Moreover, advanced technology has totally changed all people living style. The main thing many businesses man who are working on social media platforms. They are not possible for them to predict and checked all comments and responses at the same time. At this stage business man think to add up and follow up data science methods to predict and store all the information in a very simple and easy way. Natural language process is best method for large group of data set and helpful for all business man to store and checked all customers reviews by using this method. Data Analyst can easily predict and visualize the information of any company history behind each work with the help of NLP Algorithm. For business man it is a simple way to visualize the customers ratings the main issue is to judge the reviews which were submitted in natural human language so at this time NLP plays a vital role and predict the overall human language reviews by following particular steps and read all the data set and gives accurate result and information. NLP also plays an important role in groceries shops retail and shop data and also best for dropshiping work now a days. Actually, it is a sub branch of data science. Data Analyst think that it will give huge benefit in future. Moreover, the demand of Ecommerce platform is gaining every day and people are not just looking for items they are also trying to understand the behavior and work. The main thing to analyze the behavior of reviews and their ratings submitted customers. With the help of those reviews and ratings appeared on site customers engaged with Ecommerce platforms. Data Analyst preferred to understand, analyze the reviews submitted by customers and predict result accordingly. Some times it is too hard for any business man to check every customer feedback and ratings directly. So, they prefer natural language process NLP for better way of management and all things are running. Mainly natural language process read reviews automatically and generates result on particular site. Like customers who bought iPhone model phone from Amazon and another person bought Samsung phone from Amazon. NLP analyze the data set and display reviews and ratings of both customers and inform which product get positive outcome on the basis of their features, ROM, Ram, Panel. These Reviews are basically helpful for new users, buyers and sellers to predict about the platform product either the product sold by seller was fine or not.  NLP is actually understood and judge the human behavior, mindset, feelings and read what emotions Human represent in that time. So, Howard analyzed in 2005 that NLP actually predicts the human positivity behavior and give results on the basis of their speech. (5)In 1992 Whirter predicts that NLP is actually study about the experience. Another Analyst Heap said that NLP is the study of human behavior. It predicts how human behave in particular situation. Which emotions human represent in that time when they are in trouble and when they are happy and in other mood. What human thinks about the changing of life and change of the world. So, He said NLP visualize all emotions of human behavior and it is a great source to analyze all speech of human and generates results in better form.

Richard Bandler was a student of customer reviews. He developed NLP between 1972 and 1981. According to Tosey the main popularity NLP got in year 2003 in sales and representative predictions and medical data prediction. Richard Bundler was a young student of USA he started to work on NLP in 1970 when he was studying psychology. In the beginning NLP was just to visualize about the therapies. After the successful start of NLP Algorithm later it used in sales, sports, services and goods, education and other fields to understand the data and gives accurate results. NLP have given best results for customer reviews on different social media platforms. Because the best thing of NLP is that it gives more accurate results when number of observations are in large number. Ecommerce giants’ platforms have huge grip in market but for each review none of customers or buyers have time to check everything at a time so at that stage everyone follow up the methods of machine learning so it will helpful for viewers. Help me buy is an application for online shopping. So, when large number of buyers submitted reviews in the form of text and give ratings so it is not possible to check each review by buyer and new user before shopping. So, at that time Owner preferred to follow up NLP analysis so everyone data is generated in simple way. That is the best way to secure information and any one can check and summarize the whole store information any time. NLP made possibilities for owners and users to summarize all the information easily.

Advantages of AI for the detection of Reviews:

The one more advantage of NLP is that it can read any language text and then generates result in the form of text which appear on site page that is helpful for users and consumers. During Covid 19 when huge industries were impacted due to this disaster. In that time online platforms played an important role. New customers have no opinion how to use online platforms. Any one can scammed with them. Due to these circumstances businessman, industry owners are looking for those machine learning methods which will change their work and they will get huge benefits from them. In that Era of difficult time. Owners preferred to use NLP analysis and other supervised and unsupervised learning Algorithm to visualized and summarized the data. Due to these reviews and ratings of different customers on different products appeared below each product. These steps were helpful for those countries who have huge grip in Ecommerce platforms. Moreover, those countries who have fast internet services qualities they have huge grip in Ecommerce platform. Due to their great services more customers engaged with them and each customer generates revenue for online platforms. Ecommerce is also beneficial for automotive category. Those owners who have interest to spread their work. They published their adds on Ecommerce platforms. They bid reasonable price to engage customers and sell car in competitive price and earn a lot of money in less time and safely. Another most spreading product is Affiliate marketing. Bloggers are doing affiliate marketing on product shipping, guest posting services. They preferred to publish their products on Ecommerce platforms. People from all over the world engaged with them and they will get maximum revenue according to their predictions. Due to the increase in the number of customers they are able to sell their site to any one according to their demanding cost. But the main thing is that customers must check everything about site before taking this. That is why Ecommerce gave opportunities to consumers and sellers to expand their work in safe way.

Sentiment analysis in machine learning also analyze the data and generates results in the form of sentiments like positive and negative emotions. It is helpful for owners to check customers feedback in the form of sentiments. Moreover, this method is very useful in machine learning and customers can judge every product when they saw feedback in sentiment form. Sentiment analysis used by many famous companies to predict the customers behaviors and examined the results.

Many technologies, gadgets companies who are basically worked on their quality products used in companies. They actually want to analyze the information about the materials which they are used in their companies to build up strong platform in market. So, when they sold their products to customers their main aim to provide best service to gain excellent reviews so everyone will attract with their platform. In case of bad reviews, they can lose their customers in very less time. Sentiment analysis also play significant role in other platforms as well. Another top trending is internet where people search get ideas and watch anything they want. They learn about products by using Internet and they made predictions according to the particular product. Sentiment analysis used to predict and analyze the reviews submitted by different customers. Millions of reviews submitted by customers on daily basis on any product. Blockchain used by a lot of companies. They provided service to customers all over the world. When the selling price of coin is high seller try to sell blockchain coin immediately and earn a lot of profit. If in the same time the price of coin will decrease so seller will face loss as well. When the price of coin is stable, high and low. Customers buy coins and submitted reviews on the basis of coin and also give ratings as well. Sentiment analysis analyze and summarized the data set means reviews and then read all reviews in the form of text with the help of NLP to give better results. Same case cryptocurrency wallet. Many users are registered on crypto wallet platform. On daily basis customers submitted reviews due to its increase and decrease of price. For the visualization of large number of reviews NLP use to give results accurately.

Here is another most trending thing is that few customers submitted fake reviews and few shop owners buy or submitted fake reviews as well in order to boost up their services. Bloggers who want to get quick reviews on their product they ultimately used short methods to gain reviews. In that case when they gain reviews from fake sites about which they have no knowledge when reviews detected their product de ranked and penalty hit by google in that case. Each customer must think and check each review properly and then ready to shop that product. Owner must delete fake reviews submitted by customers or by them. If these fake reviews continue then online platforms must remove that product link from platform to clean up the platform and stay safe for customers and sellers are working on this platform. For better and safe purchasing check all details carefully.

In the 21 century advance data analytics focus to visualize the customer product reviews in the form of design. On the basis of these predictions, they prefer to predict the large number of customer product reviews and name as a design. After the visualization and summarization of the data set used sentiment analysis and NLP to read the computer-generated reviews and give output in the form of text and display result clearly. This used existing machine learning methods and produce useful information for designers to grow up their work securely and in better way. This advance technology of data analytics can analyze auto generated reviews.

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