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Worth of SEO in Different countries and user experience


SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is one of the most trending online businesses all over the Globe. People from different countries can start this work if they have excellent skills and they would like to boost up their future and business. Meanwhile, according to the survey the demand of this work is now too much increased and there is a huge benefit for all workers. But the point is that how to make this platform safe which rules Government of different countries must applied on their countries. Because according to my experience if you are unable to fulfil your words then you can’t successful in your career. The main objective of today topic is to highlight the issues, worth, solutions and guidelines regarding to SEO in different countries and focus on user experience and also highlight the future predictions of this work.

History of six years’ experience of my work in SEO

I started SEO in 2017 when I was doing my bachelors in Pakistan. The only thing to keep in my mind work with honestly and always fulfill my words. In startup I faced many difficulties and took a lot of time to get orders but I did not loose hope. Meanwhile I tried to do something different I thought I would like to do something new because in 2017 the worth of SEO is not too much but the selling and buying rates of sites was amazing at that time. I started this work with my cousin learned many things. At the start of 2018, when my four semesters of bachelors have been completed, I decided to contact with different users in the Globe. I learn how to reach out customers and I started this technique on daily basis and got best results from customers. The worse thing which I experienced in 2018 is when my work was at peak my own friends became my opponents but I did not loose hope and focus on my work. I have only one thing in my mind I worked with honesty damn care who stay with me or who against with me. After the start of 2019 Year A company situated in Islamabad Collab with me through my friend and they ask from me about my skills and work experience I have deal with them I have a lot of work and I can grow up your company as well. After the continuous struggle and one year experience with them they changed their words when their work was at peak level. Here my only point is that there is no proper rules and regulations for freelancer in Pakistan. Here I would like to discuss about the Asian countries worth and rules.

SEO Worth in Pakistan and User Experience

According to research million of people are doing SEO but the worst thing which faced by sellers is bad language, scam rates are high, poor dealing, no ethics how to deal with clients and one of the main reasons is there is no policy to catch those scammers in Pakistan. I also considered this thing the worth of SEO is high but the there is poor value of rates and demands in Pakistan. Due to no policy and restrictions for freelancer’s people scam with any one on daily basis. Due to this way of behavior their links remove from site and those Pakistani people act like a non-serious way. My poor experience with Pakistani users. My highly suggestion put laws in Pakistan for all freelancers that they pay tax every month and have solid verification method implement on each id so the rate of scams in Pakistan will reduce and foreign countries clients can easily trust on Asian and work with them. They made fake accounts use fake is to grow up their work. Cybersecurity department should take action against all the users who made false allegations and use false and fake agreements and do wrong work.

UK and USA Market Worth

In UK and USA, the worth of SEO and demand of words are too high and I happily to announce that everything is perfect in UK. Because they understand the worth of site user experience and better judge the scope of this platform. A lot of SEO jobs are available in UK and USA and people from different countries come into these countries to build up their future. The best and most important step is their rules are same for all people. Everyone must pay the tax of their work and highly verified security system. This helps them to finish or overcome the crime rate but these places are best and ranking due to their policy and highly expert’s staff. I strongly recommend that who wants to build up and secure their future in SEO work with these countries people your lifestyle and working style plus thinking everything will be changed.

Indian Market Worth

India is also one of the fast-growing countries in all over the Globe due to their best system and Government. There are a lot of good companies as well but the crime rate and scam rates in online field is also at Peak level there. Because according to recent research Asian countries including India, Pakistan and Bangladesh is at peak due to the scam rate. Those countries users made fake ids they are living in India but wrongly they opened companies in USA and used fake numbers and scam with different users and companies. In SEO I have seen many Indians on Facebook, LinkedIn, Fiverr and even on Upwork as well once they got their work they refused to pay. They made fake accounts and send fake emails to different owners of sites to devaluate the work of many people who are doing work with honestly. Government should take strong action against those people to overcome the scam rate in India. Because due to few wrong people foreign countries workers deny to work with Asian and this reduce the worth of country as well in all over the World.

Bangladesh Market Worth

Bangladesh also includes at peak level in SEO. But mostly Bengali guys are working as an affiliate marketer. According to my experience I worked with a lot of Bengali users. The overall experience is good but the main issue many people faced with these users they are mostly working on streaming niche which are totally banned by many countries and they are using same on fake IPS this impacts wrong on country Impression. A lot of scammers in Bangladesh as well. Because they are just trying to demotivate others with their own country users. Many users did not pay after getting work and due to there streaming work many sites penalized because totally materials are copy right. If rules implement in every country and same for all then the growth of work will increase.

I am saying same thing for different countries but the worse thing I have seen in my Six Years experience is Asian people have a lot of scam issues due to their poor management if rules implement same for all then everything will be resolved. The main reason behind the success of all foreign countries is they implement same rules for every one and that is one of the best things for them.


I conclude that SEO worth is increasing everywhere and the demand will increase more in future. But the best thing is to reduce the scam rate is to implement everywhere and rules must be same for all once they know if they will do any wrong thing and Government will take action then automatically market will clean and work will increase. I hope this discussion helps a lot for many users to know the worth and reality of this marketplace and main faults as well. In order to get any information or any guidance regarding to SEO Jobs and how to become an expert in SEO then reach us any time.

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