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Eco Home Improvements To Increase Property Value And Lower Energy Bills

Making your house green can add tens of thousands of pounds to the value of your home. 25th October, London – Homeowners and homebuyers and more conscious of the energy efficiency of homes, with properties with the highest energy performance certificate (EPC) rating are valued at up to £40,000 more than properties with lower energy ratings.  This release highlights the eco home improvements to increase the property value and highlight the history.

While an older property might have a lot of charm, it could potentially come with a lot of features that will make any prospective buyer of the property think twice

Energy expert Llewellyn Kinch from MakeMyHouseGreen looks at the eco-friendly home improvements that will not only help homeowners save on their energy bills, but help improve the value of a home.

ImprovementCostEstimated increase in property valueImpact on house price (avg. UK home)Annual energy bill savings
Double glazing£15,00010%£28,800£155

Solar Panels

Harness the power of the sun with solar panels, an investment that can slash electricity bills and add desirability to a property. Although solar panels require an upfront cost, data shows that it is offset by the savings on energy bills and the potential added value to house price.

Studies have shown that installing solar panels has a potential to increase house price by up to 14% increase in house price, that is £40,320 for the average UK home. The cost for a 3.5kw system can come in at around £7,000. Average energy bill savings could be £962 annually.

On average, a solar install will increase your property’s EPC rating by an entire band. So, you not only get the benefit of the savings from having the solar system but you also get the benefit in the increase of your property’s value.

Window Upgrades

Replacing old windows with double or triple-pane options can significantly improve your home’s thermal efficiency. They minimise heat transfer, keeping your home warmer in the winter and cooler in the summer, resulting in significant energy savings over time.

A set of A-rated windows for a semi-detached house will typically cost around £15,000 and save £155 on energy bills, according to Energy Saving Trust. That investment could net homeowners an extra £28,800 on their property value.


By enhancing your home’s insulation, you can significantly reduce heating and cooling costs. Insulating walls, attics, and floors keeps the indoor climate steady, minimizing the need for artificial heating and cooling. Initial investment varies, but the payoff can be seen in dramatically reduced energy bills and the appeal to future buyers.

The exact increase in house price is tricky to calculate, but research shows that improving from an EPC rating of G to an F rating can improve property value by 3.8%. For the average UK house price that would add £10,944. It would cost £9,000 for a semi-detached house according to Checkatrade. Annual average energy bill savings come in at £400.

About MakeMyHouseGreen

Meet a solar platform that helps save UK homeowners thousands each year and make the most environmentally friendly choices with a complete end-to-end service focused on helping you choose the right solar panel system for your home, to arranging and delivering the installation.

We’ve analysed over 40,000 homes across the country and used tens of thousands of data points to provide you with the most transparent understanding of the cost and future savings specifically available to your home.

Our world class technology and automation allows us to provide a uniquely smooth install journey and for more information visit 

The CEO and Co founder of MakeMyHouseGreen is Llewellyn Kinch.


Homebuyers pay a ‘green premium’ of up to £40,000 for the most energy efficient properties

UK house price was £288,000 in June 2023:

Impact of solar panels on house price:

Impact of solar on EPC: 

Solar energy bill savings:

A-rated windows for a semi-detached house will typically cost around £15,000 and save £155. 

Insulation cost:

Improving from a G rating to an F rating can improve property value by 3.8%

Insulation energy bill savings:

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