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The Enigma of Rubik’s Cube: Prices in Bangladesh


The Rubik’s Cube Phenomenon

The Rubik’s Cube, an iconic 3D puzzle, has captivated minds and challenged problem-solvers worldwide since its invention in 1974. In Bangladesh, this timeless puzzle remains a favorite among children and adults, serving as both an entertaining pastime and a brain-teasing challenge. In this article, we’ll explore the Rubik’s Cube, its popularity in Bangladesh, and the price range of these intriguing puzzles in the local market.

The Rubik’s Cube, invented by Hungarian sculptor and professor Ernő Rubik, is a cube-shaped puzzle Consisting of smaller, colored squares that twisted and turned in various directions. The goal is to arrange all the colors on each face of the cube so that each side is a single, solid color. With its deceptively simple design, the Rubik’s Cube presents an intricate challenge that tests one’s spatial reasoning, problem-solving, and patience.

Popularity in Bangladesh

The Rubik’s Cube has gained a strong following in Bangladesh, with enthusiasts, schools, and clubs dedicated to mastering the art of solving it. Beyond being a recreational activity, solving the Rubik’s Cube has educational benefits, fostering skills in logic, pattern recognition, and perseverance.

Price Range in Bangladesh

The price of a Rubik’s Cube in Bangladesh can vary based on several factors:

Brand and Authenticity:

Authentic Rubik’s Cubes, produced by the official Rubik’s brand, are typically priced higher than generic or unbranded versions. Authentic cubes are known for their quality, durability, and smooth movement.

Size and Complexity:

Rubik’s Cubes come in various sizes and levels of complexity. The standard 3x3x3 cube is the most common, but Larger cubes or cubes with additional layers (e.g., 4x4x4 or 5x5x5) are available at different price points.

Material and Build Quality:

High-quality cubes with smoother rotations, sturdy construction, and stickers that resist peeling often come at a premium price.

Special Editions and Variants:

Limited edition or specialty Rubik’s Cubes featuring unique designs or materials may be more expensive than standard models.

Price Ranges in Bangladesh:

Basic 3x3x3 Cube:

Standard 3x3x3 Rubik’s Cubes are often available in the range of BDT 300 to BDT 1,000, depending on brand and quality.

Larger and Complex Cubes:

Cubes with larger dimensions (e.g., 4x4x4 or 5x5x5) or additional complexity can range from BDT 1,000 to BDT 5,000 or more.

Special Editions:

Limited edition or specialty Rubik’s Cubes, including speed cubes designed for competitive solving, may range from BDT 2,000 to BDT 10,000 or higher.

Educational Sets:

Some Rubik’s Cube sets include instructional materials, solving guides, and accessories, and these may be priced slightly higher.


The Rubik’s Cube continues to intrigue and challenge individuals in Bangladesh, providing both entertainment and educational value. While prices for these puzzles can vary based on Factors like brand, size, and complexity, enthusiasts can find options to suit their preferences and budgets. Whether you’re a seasoned solver or a beginner looking to embark on a colorful puzzle-solving journey, the Rubik’s Cube is a timeless and accessible choice for those seeking mental stimulation and fun.

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