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Effects of Halloween Candies on teeth


Halloween is famous and most celebrated event in UK. On this occasion everyone tries to do something different and they would like to fill up their days with different food items, drinks and other activities. This event has significant impacts on human and give a useful message to all people who are following the tradition of Celtic people. The main purpose of this discussion is to highlight the effects of Halloween candies on teeth and give them recommendations to avoid candies which will be harmful for their teeth and gums. Here is the brief description of Halloween describe below:

Description of Halloween event:

Halloween event celebrated to follow up the tradition of Celtic people. But according to the research different people have different opinion and ideas. Some people think their loved one soul come and see on that day. Few people opinion this event celebrated before the end of summer and pray for the upcoming season will be beneficial for them. In order to follow up the tradition people made plans before this event and many children and young people eat candies and they put candies in their mouth for long time and feels good. But according to the research I would like to describe how it effects the human teeth and harmful for mouth, teeth and gums.

Effects of Candies on teeth

Those people who are using hard and sticky candies on this day must avoid to use these. Because when some one put those candies in their mouth for long term it will create cavity issues, gums swallowing and mouth infection also cling teeth. Moreover, those who are using sour candies and enjoy with them. It impacts harder and dangerous for teeth due to high dietary acids in candies damage your teeth coating surface badly and cause more issues.

Unhealthy Halloween candies for teeth

According to the research following are unhealthy candies includes:


Blow pops and milk duds


Atomic fireball

Laffey taffy


Bit honey

Jolly Rancher

Tootsie roll


Those candies are harmful for teeth so avoid to use these candies at Halloween event and in order the maintain good mouth system.

Parents must inform to their children not to use these candies and try to explain them with following reasons and style.

For example

Hi James my son, your uncle David who is dental surgeon told me that these are harmful candies destroy the teeth and cavity risks will increase. You are my sweet and obedient son don’t use this and also explain this to your friends as well so they will also not use these candies on this day.


From the above discussion and report it concludes that Halloween candies are harmful for teeth and gums. From many research it is clearly visible that those who will use these candies and put them in their mouth these will create cavity issues in teeth and cause gums swallowing. It is my recommendation to all not to use any candy which will be harmful for children and people and stay safe and healthy.

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