Pros and cons of cross Platform mobile app development

The world has moved towards being mobile. Irrespective of which genre of organization you belong to, it has become quite essential to go with the mobile apps. While organizations have focused on a single operating system, the recent developments in the mobile world have made you concentrate on multiple operating systems. That is where cross-platform app development has been one of the issues you may come across. 

But what benefits and disadvantages are associated with the Cross-platform app development? We will try analyzing a few of the prime aspects of the cross-platform app development in a finer detail. 

Pros of Cross-platform app development

Some of the advantages offered by the cross-platform mobile app development can include the following – 

Faster App Development

With Cross-platform app development, you will be able to develop apps for both iOS and Android devices simultaneously with a single code set. You do not need to build two separate Android and iOS projects. They are built as a single project but provide you support for different operating systems. You can reuse the code of the application development between different platforms. That way, you would find the development of the apps much faster. 

Lower costs of development 

With a cross-platform app development, you will be able to upload your apps to different platforms without any additional need for investments. The option of cross-platform app development works great for the corporate digital products. Since the cross-platform technology provides you access to a universal solution, you will be blessed with a good saving on your funds. In fact, top mobile app development companies focus on this fact for achieving more positive results. 

You would get access to a larger audience 

If you are not sure which platform has more audience or user base for your genre of app, developing a cross-platform app can prove to be extremely practical and useful. This will help you get access to a wider audience. In fact, you can be able to get access to a larger audience for your app right from the beginning. In essence, that would be one of the excellent means of enjoying a better reach for your app. 

The  code is reusable 

This has been rated as one of the excellent options that offer you access to an enhanced experience with the cross-platform applications. Since you are using the single codebase for both Android and iOS platforms, you do not need to write the code separately. That would mean you do not need to write the codes separately and reuse the code for different operating systems without much change. 

Cons of the Cross-Platform app development 

As with the Pros, the cross-platform app development also has a few Cons. Let us explore the prime features offered by the product. 

Performance may not be up to the mark 

If you have developed two applications and if one of them is native, and another cross-platform – you will find that the native application will have a faster performance. The differences may be quite smaller at times, but if your application requires a truly faster performance and an accuracy, even a slighter slowness can be an issue. 

Users may need to wait for a while to get the new features 

Each time Google or Apple introduces a new feature, you may be forced to wait for a while then the native applications to introduce the new features. In the native applications, new SDKs are offered with updates in a faster manner than the cross-platform counterparts. 

Poor UI and UX design 

The animations and eye-catching design are a few of the factors one would want to have a look at. The 3D effects and the better mixture of graphics enhancement are a few of the most important elements one would find rather impressive and effective. But, that may not be the case with the cross-platform apps. The user experience of the mobile apps develop with the poor UI and UX design may not be the right options for your needs. 

The number of tools may be limited 

The tools available for the development of the cross platform may not be very much in number. In fact, when it comes to the development of native apps, you have plenty of options for the best possible tools for your needs. In a cross-platform app, you will find that there is an extremely lower number of tools currently available. 

Well, that was a complete list of the prime Pros and Cons that you stand to face with the Cross-platform app development. Not that cross-platform app development is not recommended, but it would be practical to understand the Pros and Cons well in advance. This would help you achieve a far better degree of app development for achieving far better results. 

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