Top ways to increase mobile app downloads

There are as many as 80000 different apps currently available on the app stores. And then there is a huge number of apps available outside the app store ecosystem. Marketing your apps will take you through a huge degree of efforts and strategies. That is exactly what makes it extremely important to learn employing a few marketing strategies to take your experience to a greater degree of excellence. 

OPT for the best app store optimization 

We have been through a decent degree of search engine optimisation. The app store optimisation is yet another options you need to be focussed on for achieving a far more powerful means of achieving the higher number of downloads. The ASO is more focussed on making the visibility of your app more strengthened. 

A few options you need to be focused on when going with the App Store Optimisation can include keyword relevance, category, locations and social proof are a few of the factors you need to be focused on. Using the Google’s AdWords Keyword tools can prove to be one of the excellent options for achieving the better results ever. 

Create a demo video 

Not everyone will be able to understand the importance of an app and what it can do if you do not explain it to the potential users of the app. The best option in this context would be to focus on the creating the demo video for your app. 

The video may help your potential customers to get used to the working of the new app and help them develop an interest in your app. In essence, it would be a good idea to work with your  mobile application development company to help you create a demo video along with your app. 

Use Social media for an enhanced exposure 

Social media has been one of the strongest options for achieving the best standards in terms of an enhanced experience. Facebook marketing and using promoted tweets can prove to be one of the excellent options you would want to focus on. The Facebook ads have been rated to be one of the excellent options that can be helpful in achieving a high degree of efficiency in acquiring mobile app installs. 

The promoted tweets have been considered to be yet another great option for driving more downloads for your apps. You can make a beginning with the small budget testing and this can go a long way in getting access to a far more exciting choices ever. Achieving the best cost-per-acquisitions is what would help you achieve the better results. 

Drive natural reviews 

Reviews can be an excellent option for the perfect app store optimisation ever. It can double up as a great option to help you convince the people to download the app. You should find it one of the excellent options for driving the reviews to your app. The best way is to drive natural reviews. 

Make sure that the app reviews you invite or attract are quite natural and do not come with any way that can trigger spam filters from Google, apple or any other app store. You can perhaps submit your app to the genuine review services and you will be able to achieve the best results. 

Go for app promotion across multiple channels 

It may be practical to update your app promotion across multiple channels. You should take care to update your social media account for achieving the best possible experience. Using the tools such as Buzzsumo and SEMRush can prove to be one of the excellent options for an advanced experience. They can double up as an excellent option for getting a real time alerts about the status of the app promotion you are up to. 

This can be helpful in achieving the best standards in terms of generating more interest in your app. The options to improve more interest in the app and increasing the audience engagement is what would help you achieve more effective and efficient options in improving the marketing of your apps in a more powerful manner.

Leverage the in-app tracking options 

The data collected from the current users of the app can be yet another excellent option that can prove to be effective in an efficient marketing of your app. You can make use of the data so collected for making improvements in the number of app downloads and engagement of your app.  The in-app tracking can be one of the practical options for understanding user behaviour and preferences. 

Marketing your app in the right spirit can prove to be one of the excellent options and will involve undertaking a wide range of strategies into account. The options outlined in the above discussion should prove to be quite effective and efficient in achieving better and positive results in enhancing your experience further. 

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