AI plays a major role in fashion industry tp grow up their stores in all over the world. It helps out the owner to check and visualize all the information regarding to the customers who shop on different registered stores on Ecommerce platforms. Different Algorithms like supervised machine learning and unsupervised machine learning Algorithms used to detect the overall results regarding to the stores, This article explores the knowledge that how AI algorithm perform role in fashion industry which consider as one of the leading firm in the globe.

Overview of Fashion firm in the Globe

As fashion industry is one of the leading platforms in India and USA. People from both countries try different outfits and try different designs on their lifestyle. The thing is that how to spread their platforms in all over the Globe in same manner. To focus one the target AI algorithms applied to detect the huge number of customers data in the form of online shopping, reviews, overall selling and purchasing, ratio of overall income, expenses and company worth. Now a days winter season starts in United Kingdom and people find out hoodies to cover up their bodies also seek out the best product for their use. But the thing is that every work now is going to be an online and under those conditions they look after for those options which suit for them. They prefer online fashion stores from where they can buy any item regarding to their demand. The rise of online business Ecommerce includes two platforms like Amazon and eBay which provokes the whole world and many top rated fashion stores owners listed their items on these platforms so people can buy submit reviews and comments in order to grow up their business. Under these conditions one thing keep in my mind that how is it be possible for users and sellers to look each item records? By seeking out these questions I am describing following points how those platforms are valuable for users and sellers from all over the Globe.

Methods Adopt By Artificial Intelligence:

1.Sentiment Analysis is the Algorithm of machine learning which is basically used to calculate the reviews and extract into positive and negative categories.

2. Supervised and Unsupervised machine learning algorithms are used to predict the overall customer reviews and stars given by them. These algorithms check all the reviews and with the help of sentiment analysis separate reviews into two categories one is positive and second is negative reviews so buyer can easily judge item prescription by seeing all reviews and ratings. Also by the modification of all the reviews and rating seller analyze the overview of daily basis sales and revenue in better way.


After the analysis, it concludes that AI ease the life of all human beings around the world. Now they can do any kind of business around the world in best way. Mostly for those users who have huge business and they are unable to judge everything on time machine learning algorithms create best possibilities for them to handle their business carefully and properly.

This article written by student of Essex University who completed his Masters degree in applied data science from university of Essex.

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