Black Friday and Cyber Monday, originating from American tradition, have become global shopping phenomena. Black Friday, the day after Thanksgiving, kickstarts the holiday shopping season with significant discounts, while Cyber Monday extends these deals to online shopping. These events attract huge crowds, drive major sales, and symbolize the peak of consumer spending, reflecting the retail industry’s global economic significance. Both days have influenced shopping habits and sales tactics worldwide.

In the following commentaries, Don Boxley of DH2i, Steve Santamaria of Folio Photonics, and Seth Blank of Vali mail stress the need for enhanced cybersecurity and data management solutions during events like Black Friday and Cyber Monday, while Carolyn Clark of Simpler highlights the pivotal role of the Employee Experience (EX) in impacting Customer Experience (CX) and profitability during these peak shopping periods.

Strategic thinking and innovative technology solutions are essential or reliable for resolving many issues like email authentication problem, data security purposes, provide proper guidance to customers it helps to improve employee experience. These helps to make a successful holiday season and year-round access.

Don Boxley, CEO and Co-Founder, DH2i (

VPNs play a role in many places and helps to use many apps due to its flexibility use but there have certain issues as well due to its mis use many businesses organization and their engaging customers might have various risks. For example, during peak shopping events like Black Friday and Cyber Monday, cybercriminals have exploited VPNs to manipulate prices, commit fraud, and gain unauthorized entry to areas such as payment systems. In addition, VPNs not only open the door but leave it wide open to network credentials, identity, and credit card theft.

To address these challenges, security-focused organizations must deploy Software-Defined Perimeter (SDP) technology as a robust solution that effectively mitigates these risks. SDP adopts a ‘zero trust’ approach, ensuring that trust is not assumed for any user or device. It strictly verifies stoner individualities and security postures, reducing the threat of unauthorized access, indeed in the presence of VPNs. Additionally, SDP offers application-level access policies, network segmentation, and real-time monitoring, enhancing cybersecurity defenses. It empowers businesses to navigate the complications of heightened online shopping exertion during events like Black Friday and Cyber Monday securely, securing both their operations and client gests.”

Steve Santamaria, CEO, Folio Photonics (

“As we step into the 2023 holiday shopping season, it’s a time filled with the promise of joy and cherished moments with family and friends. However, for data management professionals across the globe, it also signifies a period of heightened vigilance and increased stress. The reason behind this heightened alertness is crystal clear – the holiday season ushers in a surge of cyber threats, ranging from phishing attacks to ransomware campaigns.

In response to these challenges, enterprise-scale, immutable active archive solutions have emerged as a critical defense mechanism. These solutions offer a robust suite of benefits that address our cybersecurity concerns. Immutability stands as a formidable defense against data tampering, ensuring data integrity. Robust encryption and comprehensive audit trails bolster security protocols, enabling organizations to surpass stringent compliance requirements. Automated data retention policies simplify information management, while scalability helps to ensure uninterrupted operations during peak holiday traffic. Moreover, sustainability practices align with environmental goals, and unwavering regulatory compliance remains the linchpin of data integrity.

As we navigate the evolving data protection landscape during this holiday season, IT professionals are primed to fortify their strategies. By embracing these transformative solutions, they not only protect data but also preserve customer trust, promising a secure and sustainable holiday shopping experience for all.”

Seth Blank, CTO, Vali mail (

“Tis the season – with Black Friday and Cyber Monday just around the corner, email marketers are already full steam into their holiday campaigns, and savvy consumers worldwide are preparing to pounce on the seasonal deals. Unfortunately, these times of excitement and joy also open the door to a darker side of the season: fraud, phishing, and other malicious activity preying on that same holiday urgency.  And while cybersecurity specialists are diligently working to thwart the efforts of the bad actors, this year is noticeably different.

Recent announcements from Google and Yahoo are causing the worlds of marketing and cybersecurity to collide as email authentication standards shift from recommended security best practices to non-negotiable email marketing requirements: unauthenticated messages will be rejected. In other words, SPF, DKIM, and DMARC authentication protocols are effectively moving from the SOC to the boardroom. It redefines the baseline for email marketing.

While official enforcement will start in February, astute marketers are actively collaborating with their cybersecurity peers to update their security posture early. This prepares them for the looming February timeline and provides an avenue to increase trust with their customers and protect their brand’s reputation this holiday season. Ultimately, in a landscape where every message counts, aligning with these standards will empower marketers to distinguish themselves, engage their audience effectively, and help ensure that this shopping season is a remarkable success.”

Carolyn Clark, Vice President EX Strategy, Simpler (

“Black Friday and Cyber Monday, pivotal events in the retail calendar, have profound implications for the Employee Experience (EX) and, by extension, the Customer Experience (CX), both of which are inextricably linked to a company’s profitability.

During these peak shopping periods, employees often face intense pressure to manage increased workloads, which makes a robust EX critical. Companies that invest in their employees’ well-being through comprehensive training as well as supportive and unified work environments, enable their workforce to deliver exceptional service. This commitment to EX pays dividends in CX, as happy, empowered employees are the bedrock of positive customer interactions. In turn, satisfied customers are more likely to make purchases and become repeat patrons, driving sales and fostering brand loyalty. Ultimately, the synergy between positive EX and CX during these high-stakes sales events can lead to a significant uptick in profitability, illustrating that a company’s financial success is closely tied to how it treats its employees.”

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