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Fashion is growing and valuable business in all over the world. Meanwhile the main success of this work is due to the great work of fashion professionals. Their main and reliable ideas regarding to product discovery or designing and their concern with top designers create possibilities for them to do something new. On the behalf of this I would like to analyze most famous fashion professionals in this era and how it will be helpful for users in future. Moreover, I am discussing about the 20-century people who have famous lifestyle and personality in fashion icons.

Overview of 1920s – Coco Chanel

In the late 19 century in 1920 fashion industry got positive and best results from market due to their attractive launch of designs and thoughts which engaged many customers and people in that era were happy due to that achievement. Meanwhile, Coco Chanel played very unique and important role in the history of fashion to made this platform at peak level. According to history and research Coco channel launched some unique designs and maintained them. Here I would like to describe some and useful achievements of Coco Channel in 1920: The Little Black Dress

  • Show Chanel Suit
  • Made attractive Jersey Fabric
  • They discovered attractive and luxury Costume Jewelry
  • Launched best Fragrance: Chanel No. 5
  • Made Sportswear Influence
  • Focus on Modern Elegance and Simplicity

Overview of 1930s – Wallis Simpson:

According to research Wallis Simpson was a stylish icon had relationship with King Edward VIII. Their main concern was to do something new. That’s why she played outstanding role in tailoring and selection of particular designs made her to achieve a top role in that era. Because fashion icons and product worth increased due to its style, designing, look and how it sews by tailored. All the things must be fulfilled to reach at peak level. In 1930 she launched and discovered fashion designs for women so they wore precious and different designs to make themselves adorable. She totally changed the scenario of tailored services due to her excellent skills. On the behalf of research, it concludes that she wore coats, hats, and best other items of fashion according to her choice.

Overview of 1940s – Christian Dior

On the behalf of research after World War II there was a certain need to discover new fashion products to make this era memorable for people. So, Christian Dior at that time fulfilled and discover something new and adopt new look. He made full skirts of different designs, precious or attractive fabrics designs, beautiful waist cost. Due to this Christian Dior launched beautiful and allegiances silhouette. This discovery of fabrics or designs made Paris at peak level in the fashion industry and Paris became the top and impressive fashion industry in the Globe. After World War II, there was a desire for extravagance and elegance, and Christian Dior heeded the demand with his revolutionary “New Look.” With their nipped waists, full skirts, and lavish fabrics, Dior’s designs emitted a glamorous and feminine silhouette. His designs transformed post-war fashion and made Paris the global center of the fashion industry.

Overview of 1950s – Audrey Hepburn:

According to the research Audrey Hepburn was not a fashion designer. Her work with Hubert in films made her name in industry. Many people impressed due to her dressing in that era. Her selection of clothes was superb and adorable. Due to her attractive look and beautiful selection of outfits help her name to be at top in the industry and many people also followed her outfits in the fashion industry.

Overview of 1960s – Twiggy:

According to research it indicates that Twiggy gave some ideas about fashion due to her interest in frame slender, different pixie haircut and attractive eye expressions. Due to her interest and discovery of miniskirts, geometric prints made some symbols in fashion industry which is followed by many people in today era.


According to above discussion and overview of famous fashion personalities it concludes that due to their great discoveries made best and significant impact in fashion industry. In coming era discoveries of different items increase the worth of fashion products and increase the name and worth in whole market.

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