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Highlight the Negin Behazin vs. Dignity Health Issue


In health field, the role of ethical consideration is very important and useful for patients and medical staff team. They are responsible for giving the best service for all patients and treat properly under the medical terms and conditions. Here is the most important topic highlight and raised by between the Negin Behazin vs dignity health team. The main purpose of this topic is to discuss and highlight the issue among Negin Behazin vs Dignity health team and implement the condition, explore and highlight the case and also suggest the medical recommendations about patients.

Overview of this Case:

According to research, Negin Behazin, is old woman. Her age is 35 and due to some medical issues and her condition. She went to Dignity health’s facility and discuss with them about her medical condition. On the behalf of recent research dignity health consider as one of the famous health care departments in USA operates many clinics and hospitals. On the basis of news, the main reason and rise of this case is Behazin told that she was not get proper treatment and care from their team. The reason is due to transgender identity due to this she was not feeling well and impacts on her health.

Ethical Considerations Questions:

According to the news, case between Behazin and Dignity Health raises many ethical questions regarding to patient rights, discrimination, and healthcare provider obligations. On the basis of history of medical treatment dignity health must be look after and take care each patient properly and suggest them accordingly with proper guidelines and gives them positive suggestion which is good for them.

After this issue Behazin raised the question about the healthcare department and told that in country all people have rights to get proper treatment and it is a duty for medical team to take special care of each patient. According to rules they must treat properly in order to focus on their identities.

Overview of Implications for Healthcare Providers:

On the behalf of this recent case many implications for healthcare provides rose and confirmed that according to rules all people have equal rights to get best and proper treatment. Healthcare providers and medical team is fully authorized and responsible for each wrong act under the act of rules and regulations.

In past the question raised about the rights of transgender community and provides them proper rights to live and spend their life. The issue rose between Negin Behazin vs Dignity health look after proper and considers and confirms for medical healthcare team and department all transgender is reliable to get proper treatment and guidance.

Patient Rights and Advocacy policy:

According to news, this legal action raised against the team of dignity health is actually implement the patient rights and are liable to raise their voices according to the advocacy policy. It is a perfect example for patients if sometimes they are not getting proper treatment and guidance then they can take action and raised their voice against them.

Government must implement the rules and regulations for transgender community and inform to health care department about them. This helps to maintain the best service and good for work.


Above discussion and news indicates that the case between Negin Behazin vs Dignity Health is a reliable and best example for medical team and patients also helps to maintain the good and proper working platform. It proves that transgender have equal rights to get best and proper medical treatment from healthcare team.

On the behalf of this great topic and concern it concludes that medical and health care team must address and look after each patient properly and specially for transgender who complained before about this act. They have legal and responsive rights to seek proper and useful treatment for better health. This step also creates a good relation between them and improves the name of medical and dignity health team.


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