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Briefly explain the role of financial market and investors


Financial markets help to prevents the fraud in trading platform. Meanwhile investors who invest on daily basis they want clean and secure platform for their work. Under these circumstances for providing good and valuable platform to user’s team of financial market check all the things carefully under their compliance and security terms. Because now a days many people around the world are doing trading, stoke exchange, money exchange work. In order to make this platform safe I would like to describe the role of financial market and investors in market and how it will be helpful for their institution to make this platform safe.

History of financial market and investors

In ancient times funds liability, accounts system, money withdrawals everything carefully seen by the staff of the bank to make the records. The process of financial market starts in late 19 century which helps to check all the bank functionality properly. Finance team in financial market carefully see each transaction of client who invest in trading, stock exchange and other finance category. The staff of financial system maintain a proper sheet and carefully update all the details carefully. In old times bank system also taking things and they assured that in case of any issue they were liable for all things. They told them amount under 85000 pounds carefully monitored by them. In 19 centuries when there is growth of finance market in the globe. At the same time.

According to recent research and report the primary use of financial market helps to detect the fraud with the help of their compliance and security team. They give surety to investors the platform is safe and secure for their use.

Due to fast growing act of technology the rate of financial market is typically becomes more critical. Because now a days everyone is try to do something new. Large number of companies are starting trading but due to brokers the scam rate in financial market is also at peak level. In order to overcome those issues financial team management, make different plans to reduce the scam rate. I am discussing few points how financial management overcome the rate of scams for investors.

Key points given by financial market team to investors

In the growing and leading work following are the points must be followed by investors to overcome and stay safe from scams.

  • Always deal with proper trading company under the rules and regulations with proper agreement.
  • If investors think the company is not legal then without getting profit don’t invest more.
  • In case of any doubt report against the company to fraud detection authorities.
  • Important thing is protecting your id and documents
  • Investors must check the insurance coverage and check carefully financial recovery steps
  • Investors must update their bank accounts, change passwords, update the email accounts passwords and ban their old cards to avoid any suspicious activity.
  • For protection use strong passwords so it is not easily hacked or judged by scammers.
  • Immediately report against the scam in order to protect yourself and make it easy for others to avoid any further scams

Moreover, I would like to discuss about

Role of Government agencies in regulating funds

According to the research the government agencies helps to prevent investors for being scammed by fraud and fake companies. Moreover, helps to maintain the credit facilities and management system. This helps the investors to do work in safe and secure method.

Impact of financial market on growth and stability of market

According to recent research and report financial market handling the financial stability of market in two ways.

  • For more accurate and productive use of platform they would enhance the capital market system and overview all the working of market then makes following guidance for the growth of market.
  • They try to resolve and improve the signals. Due to this investor can easily take decisions under the guidance during investing or borrowing money for trades.


From the above discussion it concludes that financial market is a platform that helps to finish the scam rate and make platform safe for investors. In the coming era the maintain of financial market will boost up because with the help of AI tools the process will be too easy. AI helps to detect all the fraud activities at a time and stop that work immediately. For this every investor can easily invest or borrowing money for trading. This helps to maintain the financial market circle strong and reliable.

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