Ecommerce is fast growing platform in the Globe. There are many Ecommerce platforms for the startup of work somewhere people open their stores and run it functionally to grow up their work. They have certain responsibilities which need to be followed by the workers and owner of the business. Online shopping stores are popular and growing day by day. The associate job worker is handling all the customers with good care with polite behavior, maintain the overall sales of the items and check out activities happening inside the store or shop. This important discussion focusses on the responsibilities of Ecommerce Associate job and focus on major points to grow up the business. Following responsibilities to be focused on includes:

Maintain Product Management

Important point for Ecommerce associate is to handle the product listing with keen interest and carefully. They must handle all the listing product history, guidelines of product with proper maintenance, check up to date setting on daily basis if required any changes then perform on instant basis. Accurate and best look attract more customers to engage with business.

Focus on Inventory Management

Inventory management is important for the stability of product. Ecommerce Associate with the warehouse staff and check the availability of product maintain the history of those particular products. On the behalf of this they collaborate with suppliers of products set particular inventory management contact with other staff members of ware house as well each product related history and availability must be under observation.

Handle Customer Service

Ecommerce Associate must understand the problems of customer and resolve on time and gives them good feedback so they will not face any issue again. Because good service will boost up the business and engage more customers. This is a significantly good point for best result.

Website Maintenance System

Ecommerce Associate is responsible for site working. Theu assured that site must be functional, well optimized with proper navigation and system with attractive listing and design. With good looking and representation of site helpful for the customers feedback and ratings.

Maintain record of Data Analysis

Data is most important part of the work. Ecommerce Associate maintain all the data of customers sales and purchase and make a list of it. This helps to analyze all the data and predicts which things need to change or add in our sales so customers can able to take benefit from this.

Handling Marketing and Promotions

Promotion and sales also beneficial to increase the growth of product. For this purpose, Ecommerce associate must collaborate with different companies interact with them and offer promotion or discount on that particular product. For this they must be check the driven sales, handling promotions, make particular records and successfully handling all the things.

Order Processing and Fulfillment the orders

This is also an important step for Ecommerce associate. They must address and focus on handling all the orders and according to the guidelines of customers send on the required address. Make sure order must be according to the customers requirements and deliver on time. For this Ecommerce Assistant collaborate with delivery department and inform them to deliver on time and make a record of this.

Relation of Vendor and Supplier

Another interesting thing is to make good relation with suppliers and vendors. Analyze any issues happened between them and resolve the issue on priority basis. Because good relation and conversation impact highly on business.

Compliance and Security Maintenance

Ecommerce Associate assures that the website is fully maintained and follow all the guidelines with compliance and there are no security issues in it. Moreover, online payment methods, order placement customers feedback, product listing everything is maintained and well optimized with compliance and security.

Focus on Content Creation

Public good and valuable content on site with proper SEO, image, video so user understand everything about the product. This helps for the growth of site and improves the ranking of site.


On the behalf of above discussion Ecommerce associate handling all the online stores working with proper maintained of site, security compliance, deals with different companies to boost up the work and helps this platform to grow up the in market. Their coordination is most important impact in this society helps for online stores to get best response from the customers. The future of Ecommerce will grow and in every stage the role of Ecommerce Associate is essential and important for business.

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