Citibank in New York provides best service to all customers around the globe. The staff handling each process with keen interest, professionally and maintain good relation with their customers. According to the Global network change bank manager and staff look after the needs of customers according to online banking system better than other banks and provides more facilities. This great discussion explores the system of online banking of Citibank and analyzed their great working, benefits and history of the bank.

History of Citibank

In 1812, the Citibank worked functionally in New York and after couple of time it became the First National City bank in that time. It handled the financial subsidiary of US banking system and responsible for all the banking system activities. They provided flexible opportunities to their customers so they can’t face any issue regarding to credit history, money making system or any wrong handling in accounts. Later one if any new customers would like to register account with them, they informed and guide them properly how to check your statement via app or by visiting the bank branch according to the working hours. The best example is that if a person has saving accounts with bank and that person would like to download the statement via online banking system, they must open the app click left side on the top bar and then scroll down and look for the options for the statement and then click on it by selecting the range from which date to new date that customer wants to download the statement once click on it they get their statement easily by online banking system.

Worth of Citi bank

The system and department of bank is responsible for all the financial system, credit system, client’s satisfaction, economic impact overview. Moreover, handling all the customers with ethics and provides useful information to them. They are liable to take action against any unusual activity done by any customers. Their security and compliance system are great and due to this reason the worth of this bank is more as compared to other banks.

Advantages of Citi Bank

In Global market, Citi bank acknowledge the problems faced by customers and provides accurate and useful information on the behalf of their problems. The main advantage of Citi bank is reorganization of diversity. Due to its great team and management system customers are satisfied with their services and recommended to others as well who did not make account with them till now.

Financial Condition of Citibank

According to the recent research, the financial condition of bank is better as compared to other banks because their rank is 4 probably those companies having issues who’s ranking is 3 or below 3. On the behalf of Global History Citi bank consider as a leading bank in the global provided more than 200 million accounts to customers also did business with more than 160 countries. The rating of this bank is also good and stable.

Disadvantage of Citi Bank

In order to look over the advantage there is certain disadvantage of this bank as well. According to the survey there is no reward on card and appear no signup bonus. According to tax history when a customer transfer $5 it pays 5 percent tax and when customer want to pay internationally, they must pay 3 percent tax on it.

Overview of Online banking

The system of online banking is superb. Their security and management team look after each account with carefully. They detect all the customers who have accounts with them identity with proper scanning system in order to prevent them from any fraud, money laundering, threat or fake identity documentation process. Every customer can open account with them due to their flexible work.


According to the survey, the results conducted are awesome and useful for all the readers and customers around the Globe. Anyone who would like to open their accounts must register with them without any fear. Because from research it concludes that the working staff of Citi bank is amazing and responsible. They prioritize customers satisfaction and able to resolve all the issues of customers with proper guidelines and after the solution they advise their customers as well to adopt these steps for avoid any issue.

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