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lifestyle of people in Antarctica


In order to understand the life situation of Antarctica must know about the temperature and facilities as well. The weather conditions of Antarctica is too cold and briefly not possible to stay under this temperature of coldness and darkness around on high mountains. The survival rate of people and activities happened there is low as compared to other countries and places. This topic explores the knowledge of lifestyle of people in Antarctica how they survive which rules and methods they are applying to survive in such a cold weather.

What people look to visit Antarctica?

Many visitors and scientist visited this cold place and explores its nature. In this place a lot of penguins, whales and seals are living under the frozen water to maintain its habitat. According to the research those scientists who visited Antarctica spent time with the help of tents, quad bike or skid do. They predict that life is hard because the temperature recorded here is too low and it is not able to survive more time under this low temperature. In winter full of cold wind, frozen water, everything covers with snow and the lifestyle of people is totally stuck not possible to move around.

History of Antarctica

Antarctica considered as one of the coldest places in the Globe the survival rate of people is too low. There is no permanent Antarctica resident to stay permanent there but according to the survey scientists spent time through out the Year there and round about 60 scientist stations are also in Antarctica. In winter every thing is frozen so it is not possible for any one to do any thing there.

Many people living only in summer time and the quantity of people is only few thousands not too much. They mostly spend their time in famous center McMurdo station on Rose Island situated in South of New Zealand consist of only 1000 people around. Mostly people in Antarctica have no mother language they mostly speak English, Spanish and Russian language used by the people who stay there. On the behalf of summer and winter season only the people stay in summer only which started in march and till October in this time period few people who stay there can survive with a lot of safety and measurement.

Weather conditions in Antarctica

According to the history the sun shine 24 hours a day during summer that normalize the life of people and it becomes dark and cold in winter season which is not bearable for any person to survive in winter there. Antarctica is full of islands having no proper facilities to stay and hotels.


According to the history, weather conditions and living style of people in winter and summer it concludes that the life in Antarctica is too tough meanwhile impossible to survive in winter. So anyone who wants to visit Antarctica must read all the situations and information about this and the best time for those who wants to visit and stay there is summer time to explores an area full of Islands and snow on mountains every time.

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