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Measure IT Creativity and Progress Beyond Financial Metrics


IT plays a significant role in our daily lifestyle. But the point is that how IT performs well in different areas of work and is it beneficial to measure the progress of IT in Financial market system. The work according is difficult to judge the role of IT but it is more interesting and demanding thing right now. For the measurement of IT creativity IT department pred it’s the overall success of IT and also predict how it will impact in future. Moreover, for advance technology the role of IT for experts is a holistic approach. This important discussion highlights the realistic IT creativity and progress beyond financial metrics also helpful to understand the importance of IT management techniques. But for this first understand the limitations of financial metrices.

Limitations of Financial Metrics

In order to explore the limitations investment ROI and cost-effectiveness are important for the measurement of Financial metrices of IT. IT initiatives predicts that it is difficult to explores the metrices and understand the measurement. Because they predict many benefits includes increased innovations, improved the experience of customer, employment productivity and measurement of cybersecurity. After the analyzation of these aspects, it indicates that the progress of measuring the IT creativity through financial metrices neglects the value of critical aspects of IT.

Measuring The IT Creativity

Establish Innovation Index:

The step of innovative index impacts highly for the quantity of innovative projects or materials introduced by IT management. This best step will not only responsible for the volume of innovative strategies but also handle the significance and impacts on the particular organizations.

Gather Stakeholder Feedback:

Stakeholder Feedback is responsible for the needs of IT department for this they find out the internal and external information regarding to IT so it is helpful for them to create best solutions. On the other hand, daily basis and surveys and qualitative assessment is not valuable for the creativity of IT.

Employee Engagement:

Another most interesting thing is Employee engagement. Here is the important thing when the number of Employee is more then it is beneficial for them to handle all the creativity factors like employee satisfaction, retention and participation in innovation programs help them for the increase of IT department energy.

After the measurement of IT creativity, the main aspect is to the measure the progress of IT. Here are the following steps for the measurement of IT progress.

Measuring IT Progress

Success Rate of project

 The important thing is the rate of success in IT projects. For this focus on the alignments of department goals, guidelines and ability to meet the criteria of their timeline and budget. Positive thing is when the success rate is high then it will be beneficial for organization and their work.

Adoption Rate of Technology:

Interesting thing is to measure the rate of technology adoption means how new technologies are adopted and easily fit within the organization. According to the rapid technology adoption techniques it indicates the IT is keep evolving in tech landscape and driving progress.

Performance and System Liability:

It is responsible for the performance and IT system their needs and working style. According to research a strong system in IT is helpful for the growth of the organization and reduce the risk of disruption.

Security and Compliance Process:

This process is very important for the IT measurements and success. When the system of compliance and security management team is strong then the growth of IT department will reduce and also strong security system reduce all the risks in platform.

Balancing Financial Metrics with Non-Financial Metrics

The step of understanding the financial and non-financial metrices is useful for the measurement of IT progress. Due to this approach and balance, both tangible and un-tangible aspects of IT consider.

Establish a Comprehensive Dashboard:

Establishment of comprehensive dashboard is beneficial for the mixture of financial metrics such as ROI and non-financial metrices includes the success rate of projects, innovation index value, feedback of stake holders.  This step is responsible for the performance of IT department.

Set Clear Objectives:

 Most interesting thing fist make a clear objective what need to do. Describe a clear motive regarding to financial or non-financial goals. Meanwhile, project goals include the user experience, their satisfaction rates and the efficiency of financial goals.

Regular Assessment and Adaptation:

Regular based projects and changes in department is due to the improvements in the market management their needs and their flow of work going. Due to new changes and different tasks, it will be beneficial for IT department as well for the maintenance of their work. IT department should be adaptable and eligible and the metricizes of IT department should reflect this.


The measurement of IT creativity beyond financial metrices is helpful and essential for the maintains of modern organizations. With the help of indicators, stake holders feedback, project success and technology advancement is beneficial for the evaluation of IT departments. Balanced report of financial and non-financial provides clear overview of IT value and assures that IT worth is remain a significantly in innovation and digital age.

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