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March in Dublin in Supports of Palestine’s

Latest Update about the Situation:

In order to take action against Israel people of Dublin stand together and raise voice against the act of Israel. Protestors come gathered with flags and banners to support Palestine before March to Merrion Square. This act will helpful to take action against Israel Government and soldiers who destroyed Palestine. Thousand of people gathered shows that they are against Israel and they want Dublin Government to take action against Israel. This News and discussion gives an information about the Dublin in supports of Palestine’s.

It is almost a second week people of Dublin involve in long march and protest to support Palestine. Meanwhile a protest organized by Ireland Israel alliance last week in the favor of Israel. It is a crime which have done by Israel. Now it is the time People of Dublin stand against Israel and Government should take solid action against them so it will be helpful for Palestine.

According to the updated news, The Gaza strip was bombarded and destroyed by Israel on the orders of their government.

Moreover, different countries are playing role to support Palestine help them to provide foods, water, medicines and useful products. In recent news The Rafah border with Egypt force cross the border in order to help People of Palestine to deliver them food items, drinking water, medicines for their daily use in Gaza Strip.

People in different countries gathered and protest against Israel act and demanded only to support the Palestine people and want justice. Government of different countries must take action against Israel for this act.

UK prime Minister and US President were also involved in this campaign in the favor of Palestine.

In order to stop this act Government of Different countries stand together and take solid action against Israel and boycott with them.

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