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The Impact of Storm Babet in Shropshire and the West Midlands”


Storm Babet, a powerful weather system that unleashed heavy rainfall across the United Kingdom, left a trail of chaos and tragedy in its wake. The region of Shropshire and the West Midlands faced the wrath of this storm, resulting in severe flooding, dramatic rescues, and, tragically, a loss of life. This article explores the devastating impact of Storm Babet on these areas in easy-to-understand English.

The Fatal Consequences in Shropshire:

One of the most heart-wrenching incidents during the onslaught of Storm Babet occurred in Shropshire, as a man in his 60s lost his life due to the overwhelming floodwaters. Reports indicate that the victim was swept away when a brook breached a road near Cleobury Mortimer. Tragically, the man went under the water at approximately 10:40 BST on a fateful Friday. Despite the efforts of dedicated police officers, paramedics, and courageous firefighters who were called to the scene, the man’s lifeless body was discovered around 12:35.

Storm Babet’s Ferocious Visit:

As Storm Babet swept across the United Kingdom, it unleashed a deluge of rain, particularly targeting the West Midlands. This relentless downpour, recorded by the Met Office at 43mm (1.7 inches) of rainfall in Shawbury, Shropshire, within a 24-hour period, inundated the region, causing widespread flooding of roads, homes, and businesses. The storm’s intensity caught many by surprise, challenging both residents and local authorities in dealing with the ensuing crisis.

Challenges in Bewdley, Worcestershire:

The impact of the storm was most notably felt in Bewdley, Worcestershire, where flood barriers were not erected in time to protect homes and businesses along the River Severn. At The Mug House, a popular pub located on Severn Side North, staff found themselves in a race against time to place sandbags and move furniture from the ground floor. The delay in deploying flood barriers created a state of panic, as residents and business owners grappled with the unexpected rise of floodwaters. In a region where the Environment Agency (EA) is typically proactive, this lapse in timely intervention came as a surprise to many.

Dramatic Rescues Amidst Adversity:

The severity of Storm Babet’s flooding led to several dramatic rescues by emergency services. In Staffordshire, a woman faced a perilous situation as she was swept 100 meters away from her car, which she had attempted to drive through a ford in Wombourne. Stranded and surrounded by fast-flowing water, she managed to escape from her vehicle but was carried downstream. In a moment of sheer determination, she grabbed hold of a tree branch, which ultimately saved her from further harm.

In Northfield, Birmingham, another resident had a heart-pounding experience when his car was pushed 30 meters down a fast-flowing river. Forced to climb onto the roof of his car, he used a tree branch as a lifeline, allowing him to reach the embankment and escape from the tumultuous waters. The fire service lauded his escape as a “lucky” one, underscoring the perilous conditions created by the storm.

Flood Warnings and Alerts:

In response to the crisis, the Environment Agency issued numerous flood warnings and alerts throughout the West Midlands. By Friday evening, a total of 28 flood warnings were in place for various waterways, accompanied by 17 flood alerts, emphasizing the severity of the situation.


Storm Babet’s visit to Shropshire and the West Midlands brought about a devastating combination of chaos and tragedy. The loss of a life, homes and businesses inundated, dramatic rescues, and widespread flooding underscore the immense challenges that severe weather events can pose. The rapid response of emergency services and the resilience of local communities were instrumental in mitigating the storm’s impact. However, this unfortunate chapter serves as a stark reminder of the unpredictability and destructive potential of nature, emphasizing the importance of preparedness and community support during times of adversity.

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