Introduction to banking:

Today the role of banking is not same as in past. Banking process started as a deposit and credit facilities called as 3-6-3. In recent time the way of banking is advanced and now they are using as a profit maker like insurance policy, house renovations policy, mutual funding and wealth management to customers etc. The growth of financial services happens due to the services provided by the bank management or Agenda. The best example in today time is if a person can start new business that person is able to apply for a loan and they got particular time for this loan this appear under credit facilities. The basic aim of this discussion is to highlight the purpose or overview  of banking services, central banking and bank revolution, Issues in bank management and comparative banking markets.

Central Banking and Bank Revolutions

Central banking and bank revolutions basically hold the financial credit history over the nation. It leads all the money or credit facilities and responsible for each transaction happen in bank. Central bank is actually a monopoly handling all the credits facilities and also look after on commercial banking. It also prevents and make safety from fraud, money laundering or terrorism financing. Moreover, the basis thing is that many politicians also have rights to check all the activities under the act of political rules or agenda services. After the World war central bank lead in UK and USA. Different scholars gave their different opinions on the behalf of their way. ‘Stokeholms banco’ considered as the oldest central bank due to its issuer of bank notes in that era of time. Moreover, an interesting fact is that central banking is managing money supply, interest rate, financial stability, foreign exchange service, gold reserves, Government bonds, payment banking and interbank Ing history system, coins and notes insurance system, supervision of deposit scheme, economic research and Government policy system.

Numerous Government said that central bank is independent. According to the survey of banking it observed that central banking and bank revolutions system handled all the exchange rate system and that rate is fix. According to the research top central banks owned $21.4 trillion in assets and basically it is 10 percent more increase after the year of 2015. One important aspect is central bank system is also helpful and beneficial for investors to grow up their business.

Issues in bank Management

Here is the analysis of the risk management and value creation risk management and financial creating history management. The main purpose of rising issue in bank system is due to the competitors work, fintech role, security purposes, compliance issues, team management system, overflow of work, management of team, competition of other managers and experience, team group working system and increase the burden of credit facilities by users, social media interference and leverage of money matter, compliance management system, cybersecurity breaches system, fraud and identity theft issue. The common and rising issue is fraud users use other person details and they withdraw and get money through their accounts. Many users submit complains on the behalf of identity theft.

Here is the question how to overcome and finish these issues?

For this I analyzed according to the research this fraud prevention system and issues overcome or finished by AI analytics team invest on this and their compliance and management look after all the things in a very short time. They analyze all the transactions, history of credit facilities, banking loan, banking withdraw and deposit money also focus on the behalf of person identities and scanning purposes. They store all the information digitally and make everyone records so no one is able to do any identity theft anywhere. After this updated technology of AI they overcome many issues happened in bank system in the Globe.

Comparative banking Markets

Managers of different banks from several countries gave their opinion according to the survey and situations they faced during their working period. This helps us to know all the things happening inside the banking system. Bank managers resolved all the issues of product management, money crisis, loan issues and theft situation which were faced by users in past decades. The thing is that only supervisors of banking have authorities to resolve and discuss on any issue happening related to fund relief, loan approval or rejection and so on.

 Technology and Internet banking played a useful role in finance and it will change the overall scenario of banking working and system in the future.  


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