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Leading the Way: Companies Hiring Data Analysts in Glasgow, UK


Glasgow, a vibrant city in Scotland, is quickly emerging as a Hub for data analytics and technology. As data-driven decision-making becomes increasingly crucial across industries, Glasgow offers a thriving job market for data analysts. In this article, we’ll explore some of the best companies in Glasgow, UK that are actively hiring data analysts and are at the forefront of the data revolution.


Barclays, a renowned global financial institution, has a significant presence in Glasgow. The company actively recruits data analysts to support its operations, particularly in areas like risk management, fraud detection, and customer analytics. Working at Barclays Provides data analysts the opportunity to apply their skills to real-world financial challenges.

J.P. Morgan:

Another prominent player in the financial sector, J.P. Morgan, has a strong presence in Glasgow. Data analysts are in high demand at the company, where they work on projects related to quantitative research, trading analytics, and portfolio management. J.P. Morgan’s Glasgow office is known for its innovative and data-driven approach to finance.

Morgan Stanley:

Morgan Stanley, a global financial services firm, is committed to harnessing the power of data. The company hires data analysts to work on projects related to risk assessment, investment strategies, and compliance. Morgan Stanley’s Glasgow office offers a stimulating environment for data professionals to excel.


Aggreko, a leading provider of mobile and modular power solutions, is headquartered in Glasgow. The company values data analytics in optimizing its operations and services. Data analysts at Aggreko work on Projects related to equipment performance monitoring, energy efficiency, and predictive maintenance.


Sky, a major media and telecommunications company, has a substantial presence in Glasgow. The company actively recruits data analysts to help enhance customer experiences and optimize content delivery. Data analysts at Sky are at the forefront of using data to shape the future of entertainment and communication.

Incremental Group:

Incremental Group is a homegrown technology consulting firm based in Glasgow. The company specializes in digital transformation and actively hires data analysts to help clients leverage data for strategic decision-making. Working at Incremental Group allows data analysts to collaborate on diverse projects across industries.

Arnold Clark:

Arnold Clark, one of the largest car dealership groups in the UK, is headquartered in Glasgow. The company recognizes the importance of data analytics in the automotive industry and regularly recruits data analysts to support various aspects of its business, including sales, marketing, and inventory management.

Weir Group:

The Weir Group, a global engineering company with its Roots in Glasgow, relies on data analytics to optimize its manufacturing processes and equipment performance. Data analysts at Weir Group contribute to the company’s mission of delivering innovative solutions for mining, oil and gas, and other industries.


Glasgow, with its thriving job market and diverse industries, offers a wealth of opportunities for data analysts. Whether you are interested in the financial sector, technology consulting, engineering, or entertainment there are companies actively hiring data analysts in the city. These organizations recognize the value of data-driven insights and are committed to harnessing the power of data to drive innovation and make informed decisions. Joining one of these leading companies in Glasgow means becoming a part of the city’s vibrant data analytics community and contributing to the data revolution that is shaping the future of business and technology.

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