Got locked out of your car? Follow this to-do list.

Imagine this. It is the weekend. You are late to a party and can’t find your car keys? Frustrating to even imagine, right? But if it were to happen to you, don’t worry! We have got you covered! 

In this article, we will see a concise checklist of actions you can take if you lose the keys to your car. 

You can choose any of the multiple ways mentioned below to re-enter your car, and you don’t even have to replace your car locks or break your car windows to gain inside access. 

Let’s start with the basics. 

Stay Calm 

In situations like this, you may feel anxious, and it’s fine. Always remember the more you panic, the harder it is for you to think clearly. So sit down, take a deep breath, and plan it out. 

Call the experts

 Lockpicking is a serious business, and there’s no shame in calling for help to open the car door. It is the most secure, dependable, and least invasive way to open your car. Calling a reputable towing service will ensure your car doors open in a jiffy with the least amount of damage. 

Try to open the doors with tools

 If you are stranded in an area with little to no mobile service, use a Slim Jim on the door. It is specifically made to pry open doors and causes very little damage. But untrained hands may experience difficulty in operating it for the first time. Keep a toolbox if you are driving for long hours. 

Wire Coat Hanger Hack

 Wire coat hangers can be modified to unlock your car. Here are the steps to the most commonly used steps: 

  1. Take your metal wire coat hanger and uncoil it using pliers. Now you have a coat hanger with a straight and curved end. 
  1. The next step is to place the curved end of the hanger right between the weatherstrip and the car window. Slide it into the car door frame under the window edge around the lock system. Make sure to feel around the lock mechanism with the curved end. 
  1. Once you have zeroed in on the lock, push the curved part of the hanger delicately while you pull the door back and forth until it is released and the car door unlocks. 

But this hack only works on older car models with manual locks. If you are still unsure, call a towing service to help you out. 

String Method

Commonly found household items like string, twine, fishing cord, or a shoelace can become a tool to unlock your car doors. You can use a string to unlock in a few ways. 

Firstly, you need to make a slipknot with the string and put the slipknot part below the weatherstrip. Depending on your vehicle, you can either tie the slipknot around the button and pull it up to release the lock or pull the string in the direction that will free the bolt. 

Using a Windshield Wiper

 If you feel the previously mentioned steps are pretty complicated, here’s an easy hack for you: 

  1. Take a wiper blade from any of the two windshield wipers, and remove the metal part from the interior of the wiper.
  1. Bend the wiper blade at one end and insert it into the door edge, approximately between the window and the weather strip. 
  1. Now carefully move the wiper blade inside the door until you find and release the locking system. 

Consider calling a locksmith or a tow truck company if you are still unsure about the technique. 

The Inflatable Wedge Method

This mechanism is only effective if the car window is slightly open. All you need is a pneumatic pump and an inflatable wedge handy to test this method out. 

Firstly, put the wedge inside the partially opened window space until you feel it is tight. Then take your air pump and inflate the wedge till the opening is big enough to reach in and use the car door lock. 

Car Unlocking App

This method is the easiest as all it requires is a smartphone. Several car manufacturers nowadays develop companion apps that users can sync with their vehicles. The app can gather relevant real-time data like miles driven, top speed, engine health, etc. It also has an inbuilt unlocking feature, which the vehicle owner can use to gain access to the car interior. 

Typically, they are available across Google Play or App Store to download. So you are just a few clicks away from unlocking your car. 

The Bottom Line

Now that you have come scrolling down to the end of the topic, you may be unsure how to take care of your locked car situation. As suggested before, if you are finding it difficult to unlock the car, a tow truck company has got you covered as they are adept at handling situations like these. 

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