In these days the demand of Ecommerce platforms is increasing and customers from all over the world shifted their work online and would like to spread their work by using Ecommerce platforms. One of the most using Ecommerce platform eBay in UK. eBay is paying a very important role for sellers and buyers to start their work online. This platform set a lot of opportunities for sellers to list up their products with proper price and guidelines so buyer will not face any issue during purchasing. Moreover it provides opportunities for buyers to submit their reviews and comments according to the guidelines. Due to this step platform will secure and buyers from anywhere can buy anything without any disturbance. This article explore eBay reviews by using machine Learning Algorithm.

Methods for the detection of Reviews

The most important thing is that it is impossible for any owner or buyer to check all reviews and comments before selling or buying. Under those circumstances artificial intelligence played a significant role in Ecommerce. Sentiment analysis is an Algorithm of machine learning which is used to detect the reviews of customers and categorized reviews in to two types like positive and negative reviews so by learning those reviews buyer will take a decision before purchasing any item.

Ecommerce Overview

Ecommerce platform is growing day by day. The best thing is that it explores all business and gives best options for the users to gain their knowledge and they are able to do any work by using online earning platforms. It is a plus point for Ecommerce platforms. Many users around the world looking for such platforms from where they will get a lot of exposure and they will achieve their goals. For all kind of users information, items and seller information. Machine learning algorithms are used to detect eBay Reviews so platform is easy for users and sellers. After this successful step it is a more convenient way for the user and seller to buy and sell products easily by using eBay platforms.


This concludes that sentiment analysis can detect any review submitted by any person. It gives best results when huge number of v reviews and comments submitted by different customers. One important thing is that eBay provides best options for all sellers to start their business online from anywhere and they can earn a lot of money by using this secure platform.

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