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Ecommerce is one of the most spreading online business in all over the globe. Amazon is an online Ecommerce business platform where people can start their work by product shipping with the help of offer set by owner of that site. The thing is that how to check the number of Reviews and comments submitted by different customers and how can we minimize our time and get best results. Artificial intelligence plays a vital role for the detection of customer reviews and tell us about the ratings of each customer submitted from any Country also deliver us about the categories of each review. So we can detect and observe either the Review submitted is positive or negative.

Working of Amazon:

Moreover, for those users or owner of products who listed their products for selling or buying it is unable for them to check all Reviews and comments at a time. So AI consider only those Reviews and comments which are beneficial and non beneficial for customers only those appeared on the front end of any product page. With the help of those Reviews and Comments customers or buyers from all over the Globe can easily take their decision in order to buy a product or not.

Benefits of doing Business on Amazon:

When digital system of work came to market then people who started their work as a retail shop keeper and working in stores. Amazon owner thought to launch in market to engage more customers after this great peace of mindset their mission successful and they got huge benefit through it. Following includes many persons can start amazon work from any where around the globe. They just want to register their companies and registered as a virtual assistant on amazon. People can buy any item from Amazon with surety. It is also a time saving process. They don’t need to go any where and don’t get any specific time for shopping or any other niche. This excellent way engage many customers and helpful to boost up their business.

Another most beneficial step by Amazon is that customers can buy any item with surety by Amazon due to this step Amazon engaged a lot of customers from all over the World . In coming Era of this digital world mostly the system will be shifted to online and people can easily shop buy sell do any business by using Amazon in easy way.

By starting business on Amazon every user must keep in mind that at the begging it required a lot of efforts to maintain business but after couple of years and hard work in field will bright up the business. AI give options for users and sellers to list all things properly according to the guidelines so everyone can easily buy all items of stuff easily without any hesitation.

Methods used by AI for the detection of reviews:

Supervised and unsupervised machine learning algorithm are used to make records of reviews of different users so it will be easy for new users and owner of that product as well. Here is the most famous sentiment analysis is basically used to detect the customer reviews their ratings and comments and categorized into two main steps like positive reviews and negative reviews. Helpful thing is for all new users who would like to purchase any time by using Amazon platforms. How they can easily trust on owner of that product? Here AI generates suitable condition for them to view previous comments and ratings submitted by different users which will be helpful for them to buy or shop an item without any fear. Because it is unable for owner of that product to handle all the things and look after each comment and reviews so for better and grow up business owner would like to show all the activities on their front page so any one from around the globe visit their product and buy any item without fear.


It Concludes that in every aspect of business AI plays precious role and helpful for all either selling or purchasing purpose. People can do any work on Amazon easily from their homes and they can deal with any client around the Globe with the help of AI. Users and sellers can easily judge about each item listed and they can trust as well. According to recent research and ideas i conclude that the upcoming technology will shift many works on online platforms to easy up the life of all persons so they don’t need to go any where and they can easily save their time to make a perfect deal with any one around the world. Due to AI excellent achievements people are highly satisfied they like to boost up any work anywhere.

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