history of Halloween

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Briefly describe the history of Halloween

history of Halloween
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Halloween is a traditional event celebrated by UK people on 31 October of every Year. It is basically celebrated for the change of season as well from summer to winter. But in order to understand more about this event read about the history to explore more knowledge. This discussion is based on the history of Halloween.

History of Halloween Event

According to Research this event celebrates on the behalf of ancient Celtic festival of Samhain. Moreover, this also highlight the pagan religion celebration means mostly people also celebrating this event before the end of summer season. On this occasion people wear costumes, decorated clothes, decorated their houses with costumes and make their faces with tattoos to be like ghost. At night they burn bonfire and enjoy with buddies or family to make this day memorable and do a lot of other activities. From other research and history, it observed that in old times few people did black magic in order to spoil some one life and made different secret places. UK Government at that time find out those people and took actions against them. In Nelson near to Manchester there are few places where old people hanging pictures made so any one when visited there get information regarding to this. Meanwhile, this event is actually celebrating on the base of black magic what few people did in old time. Moreover, it also marks before Christmas event and concludes all soul’s day.

Mostly Researchers predict that Halloween festival organized before 2000 years ago by the Europe Celtic people they celebrated at the end of summer season and also celebrate the start of new year festival called Samhain. The starting date of Halloween was 1840 in USA but the prediction of this event 2000 years ago.

How People can explain this to their children?

People can guide to their children in funny way so it will not impact wrongly on them. They guide them to wear costumes and dedicate them particular characters like wear black clothes decorate their faces like witches and ghost. Go with them at different gathering places so they enjoy this event and memorize it. This event helps children to adopt how to react in different conditions and how to control and express their feelings.

Fear of Halloween

Many people who are suffering from Samphainophobia feels like someone destroys them and kill them. Due to these circumstances the act of people becomes more fearful when they talk about this event.

Following are the demanded colors used on event includes black, orange, green, white, red, yellow, purple.

In order to understand the meaning of colors why people use these colors on festival. So, elevate here

Black, orange and purple are considered as traditional colors. Black color also represents for the respiration of witches having black cats, souls.

According to experts when some one sees spider on Halloween it means that some dead loved one people watch at that time.


On the behalf of history and research Halloween event celebrated every Year to memorize the people of ancient times activities. Wear costumes, used different colors on their faces, burn bonfire, party with their loved one’s whole night, experience and react accordingly on the base of different sign. This event put a lot changes on people mind and they do a lot of fun on these occasions.

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