Ciaran Storm Affected the Lives of People

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Ciaran Storm Affected the Lives of People in the UK

Ciaran Storm


According to the report UK is suffering from bad weather conditions. Few weeks ago, flood covered the few cities and part of UK. On the behalf of recent report, Ciaran storm warning given by met office and warn them don’t travel or go anywhere. The main purpose of this discussion is how Ciaran Storm Affected the Lives of People in the UK and also highlight the areas and things affected by storm.

What is Ciaran Storm?

Ciaran storm is due to bad weather conditions. In last Year Ciaran storm affected many people life due to high winds pressure cause damage to trees, buildings and affect the public transport. According to latest news, Ciaran storm affects badly in UK strong winds will blow around and it may cause serious injuries as well. Storm can affect the life of people and other things include:

Disrupted the system of Transportation:

According to news, storm can damage the system of transport due to heavy winds. Met office advised to all not travel in this warning. Due to storm many flights cancel and reschedule accordingly. The schedule of buses and other transport service also affect due to heavy rain and winds.

Property Damage issue:

According to report, met office said heavy rain and strong winds can cause severe damage to buildings like roofs may be spoil due to rain, trees can break due to heavy winds, due to flood warning many houses and buildings will be affected.

Power Outages Issue:

Recent news concludes that Ciaran storm affects the supply of electricity in different places of UK. This affects the way of business; daily routine work and people can’t collaborate with each other by using internet.

Economic Impact problem:

 Well Ciaran storm affects the economical budget as well. Sudden shut down of business and work create issues and companies will face loss due to this. Due to damages of tress, buildings Government pay for the renovation and it disturb the economic budget as well.

Evacuations and Rescues orders:

Due to flood and storm warning help center service and shelters guide people accordingly. Met office said people must move to safe areas and protect themselves. Rescue teams already reached those places and helps people to shift other places.

Emotional zone affected:

Due to storm warning people becomes fearful and face anxiety, depression and tension due to loss of their houses and working areas. This storm affects strongly on the life of people and people may suffer in psychological issues.

Lessons Learned for Government:

Ciaran storm affects many places in UK. It is actually a sign of preparing for any disaster, community center and other teams must learn lesson from this. Because before any disaster safety and precautions reduce the risk of damage.

.Pre planning:

People must pre plan to adopt the security and safety measures kits, Equipment’s and food items for their use and stay safe. Ciaran storm can affect badly according to the met office so everyone must adopt the safety precautions.

Infrastructure Resilience Need:

There is a certain need of resilient infrastructure due to storm. Resilience can withstand severe weather conditions. Moreover, investment regarding to flood defenses in construction is beneficial and crucial way to reduce the risk of damage.

Community Support:

At this crucial time community teams must show unity come together and support people. Moreover, those who are neighbors, volunteers and emergency services team and people must help each other and take care the needs and requirements of people suffering from storm. This support and stand with people create a real patriotic person.


According to the above discussion and recent report Ciaron storm can hit and damage the many things. Met office suggest don’t go anywhere. All travelling system affected due to storm. People must stay in their houses and take special care of themselves. For those people whose areas are under severe damage must move to safe place with the help of community and supportive time. In this crucial and difficult time people must unite together.

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